Here’s your first have a look at Warhammer: Chaosbane’s Wood Elf

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The Warhammer: Chaosbane devs have revealed the game’s fourth and ultimate character: a Wood Elf Waywatcher named Elessa.

Her background and talents are mentioned in a brand new trailer, which you’ll be able to watch beneath. Apparently she made her identify “as a scout in Magnus’s army” – that’s a referece to Magnus the Pious, a hero who reunified the Empire of Man and led it to victory towards the darkish gods of Chaos. Chaosbane is about shortly after these occasions.

In gameplay phrases, Elessa is an agile-but-fragile ranged DPS and debuffer. The trailer explains that every one of her talents deal injury over time, and permit her to sow confusion among the many enemy by slowing them, poisoning them, or inflicting different debuffs; she may be seen throwing out rows of thorns that entice and steadily injury enemies. She’ll wrestle in melee fight, however has the bottom pace and a useful dodge-roll to get out of hassle. She may summon dryads – a way more sturdy combatant, provided that they’re made from wooden – to maintain enemies occupied.

You can see Elessa in motion within the trailer beneath:

Warhammer: Chaosbane is a Diablo-inspired, loot-fuelled action-RPG. It will function 4 playable characters, designed to work collectively as you cleanse 4 completely different cities of the taint of the 4 Chaos gods. The tanky Empire Soldier and ranged High Elf spellcaster had been both revealed at its announcement final yr, whereas I received to have a go with the Dwarfen Slayer – your melee DPS – a few months in the past. Based on that have, Chaosbane is shaping up very well.

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Warhammer: Chaosbane’s release date is at the moment set for June 4. For extra info, you possibly can take a look at its Steam page – pre-orders are dwell already should you’re already satisfied. The base model will set you again $49.99 (£39.99), however should you’re feeling flush, the deluxe version and Magnus version will get you some digital goodies and 4 days’ early entry, or that plus the season cross, respectively.