Gotham Knights gets a new gameplay trailer which sees Nightwing kick bad guys in the face

Nightwing has an impressive set of skills up his sleeve

Gotham Knights
(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Gotham Knights has received a brand new gameplay trailer that showcases Nightwing’s skills.

Debuting at Summer Games Fest 2022, WB Montreal’s co-op action-packed game took to the stage towards the end of the showcase and saw Nightwing, along with the rest of the cast of Gotham Knights, kick some bad guy butt – with one part of the trailer showing Nightwing kicking someone square in the face. 

You can see this for yourself below. 

This is actually the second look at gameplay we’ve received from Gotham Knights in as many months. Earlier in May, developer WB Montreal showed off extended footage of both Nightwing and Red Hood taking to the streets of Gotham City, each dealing with various criminals in their own unique ways.

For example, Red Hood is more of an aggressive fighter, getting up close and personal with enemies with a variety of close combat moves and abilities. This is in contrast to Nightwing, who soars gracefully over the rooftops of Gotham City, descending on hapless foes below to deliver swift justice with grace.

Gotham Knights launches later this year October 25, launching exclusively for new-gen consoles across PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. Unfortunately, the new action game won’t have cross-play at launch, nor will it have local co-op for players looking to take on the Court of Owls together.

Here’s what we made of Gotham Knights’ extended gameplay demo when we saw it last month in May. 



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