GoldenEye 007: here are the footage of the canceled Xbox Remaster, it’s in 4K 60fps

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GoldenEye 007: here are the footage of the canceled Xbox Remaster, it's in 4K 60fps

True madeleine of Proust when it is mentioned, GoldenEye 64 will remain for many as a title which will not have been entitled to a sequel worthy of its stature. Even if the attempts were numerous, the license rights of this game are extremely complicated to manage, to the point even that Microsoft has broken its teeth on it. For a few days now, the FPS developed by Rare for the Nintendo 64 in 1997 has once again been in the spotlight since a certain Graslu00 posted on his YouTube channel the entire remaster that was to be released on Xbox 360. A video that lasts 2:14 and which allows you to see the entire single player campaign, but also 30 minutes of the multiplayer mode. The opportunity to see the visual changes that had been made for a release in 2007/2008, with a 16/9 format, HD graphics, improved controls and also some small bonuses, such as the anachronistic appearance of Daniel Craig in the game. The other particularity of this video is that it is offered in 4K / 60fps, not because the game was planned with these technical standards (the Xbox 360 was unable to do so at the time), but to offer optimal viewing in 2021.

In order to be as transparent as possible, YouTuber Graslu00 indicates that this gameplay of Goldeneye Remastered HD has been collected by PartnetNet, a sandbox of programs reserved for developers and that this version should be made publicly available soon. As for the cancellation of the project, we learn from the mouth of Grant Kirkhope, the composer of the game on the Nintendo 64 version, who still worked at Rare during the development of this remaster, that the game was canceled due to copyright. license therefore, and especially the large number of people to convince, not to mention the obligation to involve the actors of the time, which would have required ultra substantial production costs. We also remember this tweet from Phil Spencer in 2015 who already explained publicly that the copyright of this game is purely and simply complicated to obtain. Too bad then …


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