God of War Ragnarok’s Thor is confirming extra preferred than Chris Hemsworth’s

God of War Ragnarok
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God of War Ragnarok has actually just been out for a couple of days, yet followers have actually currently determined that Sony has the exceptional variation of Thor… sorry Chris Hemsworth. 

Without ruining anything the God of War collection attracts from facets of both Greek and also Norse folklore, with God of War Ragnarok choosing the last this time around around. As you most likely currently understand, Thor is a noticeable number in Norse folklore and also has actually been depicted in media in a number of various methods for many years. Following the long-awaited follow up’s launch however, it appears as though followers have a brand-new preferred Thor. 

“God of War Thor is the best Thor in all media,” one Twitter user (opens up in brand-new tab) frankly states. “I might be overreacting but Thor’s introduction and fight in God Of War Ragnarok is one of the best things I’ve ever experienced in media,” an additional shared (opens up in brand-new tab), “I’ve literally had to put the game down for 10 minutes to recover from THAT.” That being one of God of War Ragnarok’s most surprising moments (light looters

The love for Santa Monica Studio’s Thor is so solid actually, that numerous gamers have actually started knocking Marvel’s Thor – played by Chris Hemsworth for the last 11 years – as shown in the tweets listed below. If you were asking yourself, the individual in charge of bringing Thor to life in the game is star Ryan Hurst, that you might identify from The Walking Dead or Sons of Anarchy. If you wonder regarding the various other entertainers, we have actually provided them done in our God of War Ragnarok actors listing. 

If you’re still undecided regarding trying Kratos’ most current experience, have a look at our radiant God of War Ragnarok review to assist you make a decision. 


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