God of War Ragnar ök concerning to be the topic of a large leakage after The Last of Us Part I?

We assumed that the big leak that hit The Last of Us Part II prior to its launch in 2020 was simply a negative memory, yet gameplay video clips as well as pictures of The Last of Us Part I have recently spread on the Web without Naughty Dog having the ability to stem this brand-new leakage. As one can visualize, some workshop execs had it negative, like Vice President Arne Meyer who underlined that it was both “discouraging and frustrating” for the groups due to the fact that they had actually placed their heart right into their job. Obviously, various other quakes of the exact same size are to be anticipated.

In any type of situation, this was explained by Nick Baker, founder of XboxEra,as part of the latest issue of the XboxEra Podcast Indeed, the person declares to have actually been spoken to by confidential resources to figure out if he would potentially have an interest in leakages worrying various other Sony Interactive Entertainment manufacturings. If he recommends that God of War Ragnar ök might experience the exact same destiny, he particularly assumes that there are certainly safety and security defects with the Japanese supplier.

Still, Nick Baker’s insurance claims resemble to those of the moderator Therabbidscot (GamingLeaksAndRumours on Reddit) that just recently showed that he had actually just recently had the ability to trade with among the resources behind the leakage of The Last of Us Part I, which undoubtedly individuals meant to leakage the following Nordic journeys of Kratos as well as his kidAtreus It is still prematurely to understand if the risk is actual or if these susceptabilities just worry Naughty Dog, yet it is tough to visualize Sony Interactive Entertainment continuing to be lazily by.

For the document, The Last of Us Part I will certainly be launched on September 2 on PS5, while God of War Ragnar ök will certainly get here on November 9.


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