Glaz buffed, Montagne nerfed – Ubisoft tweak Operators in Rainbow Six Siege patch 2.1.three

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Ubisoft have lifted the lid on the most recent Rainbow Six Siege replace, bringing a bunch of tweaks and adjustments to all of your favorite particular forces murderers. There are fixes and reworks aplenty, so it ought to give the meta a kick up the arse, like an enormous mallet smashing a door right into a thousand splinters. 

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One of the larger adjustments impacts Glaz’s thermal scope, which ought to now be simpler to identify individuals by way of, due to diminished blur round enemies and a much bigger emphasis on blood spatter. 

Elsewhere, Montagne has been nerfed, along with his hip-fire unfold on the LFP586 elevated. Echo has been buffed, along with his Yokai drone now working no matter the place you hit the enemy. 

The patch goes reside on PC as we speak. Here are the notes in full, by way of Ubisoft


  • FIXED – If all the enemy staff is kicked for staff killing, the successful staff doesn’t acquire any MMR.
  • FIXED – Operators are in a position to deploy their devices whereas inclined.
  • FIXED – The Death From Above bonus applies to all kills when initiated whereas rappelling.
  • FIXED – The DBNO timer will not be paused when a teammate is reviving a downed participant.
  • FIXED – Shield Operators have been using an historical approach to reload their pistols immediately. The data for the best way to carry out this reload has as soon as once more been forgotten.
  • FIXED – Operators typically get caught to a Barricade when putting a Breaching Charge on a Barricade that’s partially broken. The Defenders now correctly eliminate their gum in trash receptacles.
  • FIXED – Gadget deployment doesn’t set off correctly when a sidearm is in use.
  • FIXED – Reloading doesn’t at all times correctly reload the weapon, even when the animation performs. Bandit’s April Fools joke of changing some magazines with empty ones was not obtained nicely by Rainbow Six Actual.
  • FIXED – Barricades and Reinforced Walls aren’t correctly displaying for all gamers.
  • FIXED – Some gamers are in a position to exit and re-enter ADS with shields immediately. Shields are heavy, you possibly can’t flap them round.
  • FIXED – Players are in a position to obtain full ADS accuracy with out totally aiming down sights.

Game Mode

Caster Camera

  • FIXED – Spectating a participant on Oregon within the Basement will trigger the digital camera to modify flooring.

Terrorist Hunt

  • FIXED – Players will see a damaged animation when an Attacking Operator with a protect makes use of the refill station.

Custom Game

  • FIXED – Mira’s One Way Mirror can’t be ejected if Friendly Fire is deactivated.



  • FIXED – Montagne locations his left hand on an invisible protect within the MVP display screen when considered by different gamers.
  • LFP586 hip fireplace unfold has been elevated: We felt like Montagne paired with the LFP586 + laser sight was general too sturdy at medium and longer vary encounters, so we have now elevated the hip fireplace unfold of the gun. Montagne will not be capable of rapidly shut down his opponent with out having to show himself anymore, given that there’s a respectable distance between the 2.


  • FIXED – Shock Drone will kill gamers which are utilizing Rook’s Armor Plates, versus downing them.
  • FIXED – The Shock Drone makes no sound impact when destroyed.
  • FIXED – Twitch doesn’t have any audio barks when the Maquis Legendary Uniform is provided.


  • FIXED – MP5K Iron Sights are lacking the glow on the entrance sight submit.


  • FIXED – Fuze’s gloves will now match his uniform. He confirmed that he is not going to be forgetting gadgets from the packing checklist once more.


  • FIXED – X-KAIROS Pellets disappear if they’re shot whereas a participant is leaning round cowl.
  • X-KAIROS pellet bug standing: We have been investigating the difficulty with Hibana’s gadget randomly not detonating for a very long time, and as soon as we discovered the decision to this difficulty we realized it’s far more advanced than we had anticipated. After vital testing and tweaking, we determined that the one technique to resolve the difficulty was to rebuild the backend design of Hibana’s gadget. This will not be a straightforward process, however we have now focused this to be accomplished inside Y2S2. Thank you to your endurance and understanding.


  • FIXED – EDD will be deployed by way of an object, inflicting a damaged animation.


  • FIXED – Yokai will be thrown straight onto the ceiling and can keep on with it.
  • FIXED – Sonic Burst disorient impact hits twice on sure Operators with devices of their palms.
  • FIXED – Yokai’s crosshair doesn’t show vulnerable goal is being geared toward.
  • FIXED – Yokai can not disorient teammates throughout the Preparation Phase.
  • FIXED – Yokai drone can’t be destroyed by projectile explosion whereas in camo.
  • Yokai Drone disorients a participant if it hits any physique half: Echo’s Yokai drone’s sonic burst now registers all physique components as a legitimate hit floor to set off the disorientation impact on the opponent. We felt prefer it was actually laborious to hit the top (much more so on consoles), so we’re giving Echo gamers much more room for imprecision to set off the impact.


  • FIXED – LMG makes no sound when being deployed or picked up if the protect is destroyed.
  • FIXED – LMG protect seems seen momentarily after being redeployed if the protect was beforehand destroyed.
  • FIXED – Player doesn’t correctly “connect” to the LMG after vaulting over an object.


  • FIXED – Damage displayed within the kill digital camera is just too excessive.


  • FIXED – Placing the Black Mirror on bolstered partitions separated by an indestructible pillar will trigger the gadget to solely partially deploy.
  • FIXED – It is feasible to melee drone from the alternative aspect of an unbroken Black Mirror.
  • FIXED – Improper conduct of wall throughout deployment of the Black Mirror on partitions with steel beams.
  • FIXED – Objects on the partitions are destroyed after Black Mirror activation, versus throughout the deployment animation.


  • FIXED – Weapon turns into invisible after rapidly activating and deactivating the Hunter Vision repeatedly.


  • FIXED – IQ has the fallacious nail polish shade in third particular person view.


  • FIXED – Red LED on the Exothermic Charge stays on after eradicating the cost.


  • FIXED – Hip-firing with the OTS-03 ends in a superbly round shot sample, versus pictures touchdown on the level of purpose.
  • Tweaks to Glaz’s scope will make it simpler to know when a shot lands or misses:
  • After delivery the brand new scope for Glaz with the Velvet Shell Mid-Season Reinforcements, we seen that the blood splatter visible results weren’t working correctly. This known as into query whether or not hits would land on the participant’s opponent or not. We have additionally diminished the noise created by the thermal lens, which induced the yellow spotlight to bleed from the sides of the character, which gave the participant a false sense of the place the opponent’s physique begins and ends. As a consequence, gamers will be capable of see a lot better when successful lands and when it would not.
  • Reduced the noise on the sides of the highlighted enemy.
  • Lowered the distinction of the teal tint of the lens.
  • Lowered the distinction of the yellow spotlight on opponents.
  • Fixed the blood splatters impact not showing on profitable pictures.

Level Design

Bartlett University

  • FIXED – Placing the Black Mirror on non-reinforced partitions with work on the opposite aspect is not going to destroy the props and can obscure imaginative and prescient.
  • FIXED – Invisible collision causes drones to look as if they’re floating within the Library.


  • FIXED – Players can not vault over a Deployable Shield if positioned at 2F Library Hallway doorway.
  • FIXED – Yokai can destroy and keep on with cabinets which are halfway up the wall.


  • FIXED – X-KAIROS Pellets don’t penetrate the highest window of the Upper Hallway stairwell when fired from the skin tower.


  • FIXED – Wall will not be totally destroyed when Black Mirror is activated on it in “B Electric Room”.


  • FIXED – Deployable devices are immediately destroyed when capturing on the indestructible desk in B Laundry Room.

User Experience

  • FIXED – Players don’t obtain any factors when killing an enemy with a gadget after the participant has died.
  • FIXED – Firing pin group doesn’t observe the slide for the USP or Mk1 9mm.
  • FIXED – When capturing at the least two occasions earlier than detonating, X-KAIROS pellets don’t produce any sound in third particular person.
  • FIXED – IQ has the fallacious nail polish shade in third particular person view. She was very excited to indicate off her newest manicure.
  • FIXED – Wrong placement for Shields within the Winning Showcase.
  • FIXED – DBNO audio stays current after reviving the DBNO Operator.
  • FIXED – Any outfitted gadget is invisible if held for greater than 9 seconds with one hit key (superior deployment choice) in hand within the End of Round replay or any replay.