Generation Zero hinting at a visit to an Alpine resort

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Over the final week a collection of cryptic posts from Generation Zero‘s Twitter account have had me paralysed with anticipation. A mystery has been unravelling through these posts which today turned things up to eleven with an image showing the name for what seems likely to be the first DLC expansion for Avalanche’s FPS, named Alpine Unrest.

I play Generation Zero as a solo expertise, wherein stealth is vital to avoiding having your physique damaged by the machines which have invaded the beforehand nice countryside. That’s why when radios started enjoying Morse code on repeat, attracting machines to probably the most inconvenient areas for people, I knew one thing was up.

That Morse code was the primary on this collection of cryptic tweets “[CONTACT] From silence, our radios have now suddenly started picking up a new signal. The same message, on repeat, over and over. What could it mean?” Included was a hyperlink to a video of radios enjoying the code.

Someone shortly found out that the Morse code, when translated from Swedish “NI SOM HAR ÖVERLEVT LETA EFTER BJÖRNER,” mentioned “survivors – find the bear.” Two days go by, Avalanche even host a stream, however no additional info is shared.

Then we received one other tweet.

This proved that one thing was taking place, however the issue was that nobody had ever seen the bear on this picture anyplace in Generation Zero’s world. At the time I assumed that the tweets may point out a brand new land and NPCs coming to the robopocalypse shooter, however I wasn’t prepared to imagine that simply but. Two more tweets confirmed extra screenshots of an space no participant had seen, reinforcing the concept it is a new island. Then we received a map.

The drawing doesn’t seem within the present Generation Zero world map, and at this level it wasn’t simply me getting enthusiastic about the potential for a brand new space. The textual content of the tweet “We had a run-in with one of the “hunter” sorts yesterday, it was like nothing we’ve confronted earlier than,” made me query whether or not the characters had arrived on the island just lately, and if that’s the case why? There wasn’t a lot time to take a position although, as a result of as we speak we received the very best a part of the story to this point.

“Alpine Unrest coming soon” is all I see, and I can’t consider it as something aside from an growth or DLC. I believe there’s in all probability nonetheless extra to come back from this story although, not essentially the reveal of NPCs, however a faction of enemy people “is that…voices?”