Fortnite misplaced spraycans: the place to seek out Epic’s lacking portray utensils

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Where are the Fortnite misplaced spraycans? We know there are 5 of them to select up, however there isn’t a lot of a sign as to the place to seek out them. Luckily, nonetheless, when there’s a spraycan close by, we see some graffiti of a lady to inform us once we’re in the fitting space.

Season 10 has kicked off, Fortnite’s world has altered somewhat bit extra, and there’s new treasure to hunt whilst you attempt to stave off quite a few assaults from foes. You’ll additionally discover this week that there are completely different fuel stations to spray. Also, you’ll have to spray a fountain, junkyard crane, and a merchandising machine – we’re starting to identify a graffiti-themed development right here.

For now, although, allow us to give attention to these lacking spraycans. As a very good little bit of preparation, get your map out once you load into the game and are messing about within the ready space. Put a test on Junk Junction as that’s the place we’re going to start out. To that finish, listed below are the Fortnite misplaced spraycans places.

As we’ve stated beforehand, we’re going to Junkyard Junction first. If you’re struggling, it’s on the most North-West level of your map. More particularly, we’re trying to enter the junkyard from the highest center. Once you’ve landed, you’ll see a gap within the fence with a pile of garbage instantly beside it. Once you stroll as much as it, you’ll be given a immediate to seek for it. Do so, and also you’ll have your first spraycan.

Next up, we’re heading South-East of ‘W4term2lon’s block’. If you look in your map, you’ll discover what seems like a scrap heap that’s within the form of a tree – set your marker for there. Once you’re there, you’ll see a dig-site that descends deeper – observe the trail down, take a proper, and also you’ll get the identical immediate to seek for the spraycan.

A little bit of a trek now, however we’re heading to the bottom of Viking Village – that’s South-West on the map within the snowy space in case you’re struggling. Head to the frozen waterfall, and also you’ll see the graffiti image. To get your spraycan, go to the closest tree.


Nearly accomplished, we’re taking a brief stroll to the West aspect of Shifty Shafts subsequent. Head into the shaft, take a direct proper, and also you’ll see the graffiti girl by way of a wall of wooden. Knock it down, and look to your left for the spraycan.

To wrap up, we’re heading South to the ruined warehouse that’s South-West of Happy Hamlet. When you first enter the world, it is best to the graffiti mark on a large steel field, and a tent proper subsequent to it. Search the tent on your remaining spray can.

And there you might have it, you’ve now discovered all of the Fortnite misplaced spraycans. If you’ve managed to do it multi functional run with out getting blasted within the face, we congratulate you. If not, don’t fret – your progress gained’t reset, so you possibly can take as many runs as you want.