Fortnite graffiti-covered billboards: the place to go to some vandalised adverts

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Where do you go to go to some Fortnite graffiti-covered billboards? Epic’s sprawling battle royale map spreads far and large, so that you’ll have a little bit of a search in your palms in the event you don’t know the place to go. On prime of that, there are dozens of billboards, however solely three of them rely. If you discover one with a smiley face and a ‘GG’ on it, you’re in luck.

As the Thursday refresh has come and gone, we’ve got a recent set of challenges to go after. As you’ll rapidly discover, they’re all unfolding to a graffiti theme. So far, we’ve collected some misplaced spraycans, and tagged up some gasoline stations.

For this problem, we’ll be in search of two graffiti-covered billboards. There are three in complete, however we’ll present you the place all of them are so you may choose and select which of them you wish to go to. So, in the event you’re prepared to search out some vandalised commercials, get your map out and set a waypoint for the race observe. Here is the place to go to go to Fortnite graffiti-covered billboards.

Fortnite graffiti-covered billboards

While you’re ready for the match to begin, and are standing within the ready space, look to the proper of the map, and also you’ll see the racetrack within the desert area of the map in sector I7. As you’re gliding in, purpose for the left of the racetrack, and it’s best to discover the billboard ready for you.


Bit of a journey to the subsequent two, however head previous Salty Springs and also you’ll discover one other billboard to the South-West of it – It’s in sector E7 in the event you’re struggling. Finally, to spherical off, make the quick trek to Shifty Shafts and exit by means of the Westside, and also you’ll come to the ultimate billboard.

And there you have got it, the place to go to some Fortnite graffiti-covered billboards. You solely want two of the three, so it’s faster nabbing the 2 subsequent to Shifty Shafts. But there’s a billboard over by the racetrack simply in case you want it for no matter cause.