Former id Software studio head joins World War Z writer

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Tim Willits, former studio head at id Software, joined Saber Interactive this month because the Chief Creative Officer.

Willits spent 24 years at id Software, and in an interview with Fortune, described his departure as the tip of a wedding. Part of the chance with Saber Interactive’s attraction was in returning to an indie studio setting.

“The agility of small teams and the opportunity to get stuff done quickly can’t be overstated,” Willits says. “I’m not saying anything bad about Bethesda – I love them – but smaller teams are exciting and fun. When someone has a good idea, we jump on it. If it doesn’t work out, we change it quick.”

Saber Interactive encompasses 5 studios and greater than 500 workers, however regardless of these numbers, Willits insists it operates extra intently to an indie studio than massive corporations like Bethesda or Activision.

Willits additionally describes the draw of working in new genres. Saber Interactive revealed NBA Playgrounds, and Willits is already speaking to the group about different sports activities to increase the Playgrounds franchise to.

“At my age, you’ve got to work with people you like,” Willits says. “You’ve got to work on fun stuff. I don’t have anything to prove. I’ve been successful. I’ve made good games. …At the end of the day, I’m literally going to travel around the world to cool places to work with awesome teams and make video games. Why would I pass this up?”