Former Battlefield Developers Attempting to Create the Most Realistic and Exciting Destruction Effects in the Industry After The Finals

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Battlefield 2042 screenshot
(Image credit: EA)

One of EA’s Battlefield support studios is looking for someone to help create “realistic” and “exciting” destruction effects on an upcoming project. 

As spotted by Tech4Gamers, EA is currently hiring for a VFX Director to join Ripple Effect, the studio responsible for Battlefield 2042’s remastered maps, and is hoping that the successful candidate will help the developer “create the most realistic and exciting destruction effects in the industry.” No pressure then. 

Other than that, the job listing doesn’t give us any more of an insight into what the studio is working on. All we know is that the VFX need to be “hyper-realistic” and optimized for “multiple platforms.” If you head over to Ripple Effect’s website, you’ll only find Battlefield games listed, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the shiny new destruction effects are for an upcoming Battlefield game. 

That being said, EA’s CEO, Andrew Wilson, did say that the Battlefield series remains a “meaningful part” of EA’s future. In the same breath, Wilson revealed that the next Battlefield will be a “reimagination” with a “connected ecosystem,” although fans aren’t completely sold on the idea just yet.

It’s hard to think about Battlefield and destruction effects without being reminded of The Finals, a shooter by Embark Studios, which is made up of a few former Battlefield developers. The new game has the best destruction physics we’ve ever seen, causing its players to destroy entire maps just to push its destructive capabilities to the limit. 

It’s interesting to see more Battlefield developers looking to channel The Finals’ style of shooter. It’s also no surprise though, since it managed to gain 10 million players just 15 days after its stealth launch.

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