For Honor character information: the Valkyrie has nice vary and journey assaults, greatest used offensively

The Valkyrie in For Honor is a little bit of a badass, however provided that you utilize her proper.

The Valkyrie in For Honor will obtain a number of adjustments with the subsequent replace, however till then, you’re free to go nuts along with her.

Some of the adjustments coming to the Valkyrie in For Honor are buffs to a few of her strikes and a discount in restoration time on others. Once the For Honor replace drops, the next adjustments might be made to the Valkyrie:

  • Light assaults: lowered restoration time
  • Light chains: lowered time between assaults
  • Pouncing Thrust & Hunter’s Strike: elevated harm and hyperlink choices after these strikes
  • Shield Crush: add hyperlink to Light Attack chains
  • Hunter’s Rush: lowered restoration time

There are additionally recreation vast adjustments coming to all Guard Breaks to make the countering mechanic more inline with the beta, however till then, right here’s a fast information on tips on how to play the hybrid hero as she presently stands.

As Arekkz notes in his video, the Valkyrie is a posh class to play regardless of her versatility, so hopefully this information will enable you take advantage of what she has to supply.

Also, please be aware the controller buttons talked about beneath (X, RB and so on) are for Xbox One, so it goes with out saying PlayStation four and PC gamers could have completely different configurations. We included these for clarification functions solely.

First up is her Superior Block Light Attacks. During the beginning of any Light Attack, a block property is in place. This can be utilized to counter incoming assaults if correctly occasions. Her protect will flash orange at first of any gentle assault and in case your Light Attack matches the route if an opponents incoming transfer, you’ll counter it – just like parry however barely simpler. Once the assault is countered, the Valkyrie can observe up along with her personal assault. While the sunshine assault clearly does much less harm, it opens the door for assault chains.

One of the chain combos is named Boar Hunter, which is a sequence of three Light Attacks (RB, RB, RB). To pull it off, the primary assault should not have been blocked by the opponent. If the primary two assaults land, the third one will stun the enemy, leaving it susceptible to some other assault you want to use. You may also use Spear Sweep (unblockable) because the third transfer within the chain to knock down your enemy.

Thrust and Slash is one other chain which consists of two Light Attacks and one Heavy Attack (RB, RB, RT). As with Boar Hunter, use Spear Sweep because the third transfer within the chain to knock down your enemy. If you select the Heavy assault as a substitute, it should pull a sweep anyway, knocking the opponent down and ripe for a follow-up.

The Third chain, Harrier’s Fury begins with a Heavy Attack adopted by two Light Attacks (RT, RB, RB). Again, the third assault may be changed with Spear Sweep.

One of the Valkyrie’s strikes is named Hunter’s Rush. It’s an excellent chase transfer by which the participant will dash towards the goal, press RT for a Heavy Attack which has a moderately giant attain. This makes it so you’ll be able to go into assault mode earlier than your opponent is even in vary. You can open with this, or chase them down as already talked about. Make certain you aren’t locked in guard mode or this gained’t work.

Pouncing Thrust is one other transfer which you dodge ahead and carry out a Light Attack (ahead, A, RB). Here, the Valkyrie will leap towards their opponent, and it has some moderately good vary. This transfer will also be adopted up by a sequence assault comparable to Boar Hunter or Thrust and Slash and even one of many Guard Break choices.

Similar to Pouncing Thrust is Hunter’s Strike solely as a substitute of going ahead, you’ll go left or proper when dodging then performing a Light Attack. A series combo can be utilized as the primary assault as properly.

Guard matches the route of the Valkyrie’s dodge, so in case you dodge in the identical route because the incoming assault, will probably be blocked. If adopted with a Heavy assault, the participant can then go into Shoulder Pin which provides a bleed impact.

The Valkyrie additionally has two protect strikes, one known as Shield Crush. This is a Heavy Attack adopted up by Guard Break (RT, X). This pushes the enemy again offering a chance to make use of chains. The different is Shield Tackle (down, A, Guard Break [X]). You you maintain guard break, you’ll assume a stance which lets you block with out having to match the incoming assault. That stated, it should drain stamina shortly, so don’t depend on it an excessive amount of. Once you let off Guard Break when on this stance, you’ll then go right into a Shield Tackle or press RB to enter a Pouncing Thrust.


She may also make use of a transfer known as Ram’s Headbutt the place in case you go into Guard Break (X) and press and maintain the button once more (X,X) you’ll headbutt your enemy. The longer you maintain Guard Break the farther the opponent might be knocked again. If you don’t maintain Guard Break, it should simply headbutt them leading to a push again. If you do it with the maintain (X,X) it should push them again and stun the enemy.

This can then be adopted by by the unblockable transfer Spear Sweep which is a double Guard Break transfer used with down and Heavy Attack (X,X, down, RB). You may also go from Shield Crush into Spear Sweep through the use of Heavy Attack, Guard Break, down, then Heavy Attack once more (RB, X, down, RB). Again, Spear Sweep can’t be blocked, however it may be evaded or interrupted by different gamers. Be certain to combine issues up if counting on Spear Sweep as your opponent might catch on in case you proceed to make use of the identical moveset. Also, steady Speak Sweep combos will drain stamina.

Arekkz additionally notes you should use a Zone Attack to clear enemies out of the way in which with out worry of interruption. While it clears the way in which whereas making use of reasonable harm, it should use half of the participant’s stamina, so it’s greatest to make use of in sticky conditions solely. Players may also cancel a second assault ought to they should by urgent the corresponding button (Xbox One customers would usually press B).

The Valkyrie’s protect and skill to journey gamers is a core a part of the category’s technique. Some assaults are sluggish to arrange and straightforward to learn, so it’s greatest to attend for the opponent to assault first, and try and counter it. This very true to due the category having robust guard abilities and ready on the opponent is simpler than attempting to go on the offensive.

Of course you’ll be able to leap in with Hunter’s Strike or Pouncing Thrust however do you have to get countered, you don’t have a whole lot of well being. Therefore, it’s greatest to not get caught off guard. And all the time attempt to use a Heavy Attack after performing Spear Sweep because the opponent might be down on the bottom.

In quick: play the Valkyrie offensively, react to the enemy, benefit from the character’s vary, sneak in journey wherever you’ll be able to, and hopefully you’ll take your opponents down very quickly.

There’s a number of extra options on tips on how to use the Valkyrie in Arekkz’s video – so you should definitely give it a watch.

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