First Impressive Gameplay Trailer for Perfect Dark Unveiled

Perfect Dark trailer Xbox Games Showcase 2024

The long-lost reboot of Perfect Dark made its grand return throughout today’sXbox Games Showcase First revealed in 2020 at The Game Awards, the trailer is composed practically completely of gameplay, displaying the reimagined vision of the Nintendo 64 standard.

The over 3-minute trailer displays first-person gameplay as Joanna Dark airdrops right into a lavish sci-fi city. Pursuing a target, she makes use of devices that permit her to hack systems to open up doors and be all ears on neighboring discussions. Getting around the city entails first-person parkour as she jumps and turns throughout terraces. Johanna is at some point welcomed by hooligans that she stops by blasting them with bullets, sensational them with electric rounds, or humbling them with CQC melee takedowns. She additionally has a scanner that exposes adversaries behind obstacles.

Perfect Dark is being established by The Initiative andCrystal Dynamics It is involving Xbox Series X/S, yet it still has no launch home window.


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