Fire Emblem Engage’s brand-new trailer teases its actors of cuties and also Dark Marth

A brand-new trailer for Fire Emblem Engage, the following access in Nintendo’s tactical role-playing game franchise business, studies the tale of its lead character Alear, a millennias-old Divine Dragon, and also their fight versus a terrific bad called the Fell Dragon. Alear, as pinky testified his passing away mom, will certainly put together Fire Emblem heroes, like Marth and also Celica, from past games to assist them in fight.

And as Fire Emblem Engage’s brand-new trailer suggests, there will certainly be 12 Emblem Rings that Alear will certainly obtain, indicating there will certainly be 12 personality cameos from previous games. The trailer additionally greatly suggests that both excellent, blue-colored summonable heroes — called Emblems — and also bad, red-colored summonable heroes will certainly figure in in Alear’s tale. It additionally shows up that heroes like Marth — and also Alear? — can be looked to the dark side.

The remainder of the trailer is a trip of the kingdom of Elyos and also the actors of allies and also opponents that Alear will certainly deal with on their trip, and also a peek at their layouts by personality musician Mika Pikazo.

Fire Emblem Engage will certainly be launched on Jan. 20, 2023, for Nintendo Switch.


Source: Polygon

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