Final Fantasy 14 gamer invests 3 years waiting on blossom from their favorite personality to flower

Final Fantasy 14
(Image credit scores: Square Enix)

A Final Fantasy 14 gamer invested 3 years waiting on a plant to flower, all since it matched the blossom on the hair of among their favored personalities.

Yesterday on January 4, Reddit individual sunfaller released the message seen simply listed below to the Final Fantasy 14 subreddit. The individual discloses that they initially bought an Epiphyllum cactus since it matched the blossom in Yotsuyu’s hair, yet the blossom on the cactus itself has actually only simply grown after 3 lengthy years of waiting.

Some quick research study discloses that the Epiphyllum most definitely should not have actually taken 3 years to completely flower. Without diving as well much right into the specifics of this Final Fantasy 14’s home, it appears Epiphyllum cacti require lots of sunshine in order to flower, yet way too much straight sunshine can really harm the plant.

As such, you require to strike a rather fragile equilibrium in between sunshine as well as straight sunshine, in addition to sprinkling the Epiphyllum semi-regularly. The Epiphyllum is native to the island to Central as well as Southern America, which clarifies the demand for a rather significant quantity of sunshine in order to flower.

The selection of Yotsuyu goe Brutus as one of this gamer’s favored personalities is a rather fascinating one, provided she’s a tertiary villain in Final Fantasy 14’s Stormblood growth. Then once again, we can not all have the do-gooding Alisae, Alphinaud, et cetera of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn as our favored personalities, or points would certainly obtain actually boring in the neighborhood.

Final Fantasy 14’s patch 6.3 will boast a new Nier minion amongst tonnes of various other updates as well as enhancements, as exposed earlier today.




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