Fantastic builds and where to find them

Hello, survivors!

Today we will try to survive in the wilderness of the Wasteland. Let’s take a look from our hideout.
Here a long armored car passes us, firing miniguns in all directions. Of course, everyone recognized it as a “Banana”. They usually gather in groups of three or four.

Now let’s look over that hill over there! The young “Hovercraft” is in danger of being spotted by the “Hybrid”. “Hovercrafts” are a favorite treat for “Hybrids”. They can circle for hours around the hill which “Hovercraft” has climbed on, waiting for him to get down.
Here’s a surprise: the ground is beginning to shake, which means a giant called “Brick” is approaching us! I strongly advise you not to get in its path: Brick might not see you, but that would be your problem with its size.

Let’s hurry to get out of its way. Also we need to end our episode of the show. In the meantime, write in our social networks what other armored vehicles can be found in the Wasteland. For a detailed and complete description we give you “Pattern: Forest” paint as a reward. More detailed conditions — in our social networks:

See you next time!