F-Zero: PixelHeart sells new games from the PAL era, there are only 500!

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F-Zero: PixelHeart sells new games from the PAL era, there are only 500!

Publisher that specializes in retrogaming, PixelHeart is a brand that is slowly but surely starting to establish itself in the video game landscape. A few months after making the headlines after having put on sale reissues of NeoGeo games of the Visco brand (they have recovered the rights), here is that the young French company based in Marseille has been making the buzz for a few hours after announcing the marketing of an unprecedented stock of F-Zero games on Super Nintendo. It is indeed a dead stock of 500 copies, from the Italian version of the game released in 1990, and offered at 49.90 €. A godsend for collectors and all those who wish to obtain a mint version of the game, knowing that these are the last and only copies.


PixelHeart explains that these are the original versions, complete but without blister, but on the other hand delivered in a plastic case for good protection. It is nevertheless indicated that some models may have some small marks on the box given the storage during all these years. FYI, as of this writing, there are only 241 copies left in stock, and by the end of the day, the lot will probably be entirely gone. As for those who buy in several quantities to resell them at a high price then on eBay and Leboncoin, we see them from here …


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