Enormous Squid Unveils the Marine Sword

Today’s PlayStation Showcase brought the expose of Sword of the Sea, a brand-new game from Giant Squid, the advancement group behind Abzu and also The Pathless.

The most striking visuals of the brand-new game originated from a substantial desert that evokes thatgamecompany’s Journey. That’s not coincidence, because Giant Squid’s creator is Matt Nava, that was formerly art supervisor at thatgamecompany. But while this brand-new game is predestined to attract solid contrasts to that timeless title, there were some noteworthy distinctions on screen. First, the desert itself looks a lot more like a streaming sea, and also the personality you regulate like a web surfer relocating via the water. In particular series, the desert appears to in fact change right into water, recommending an enigma at the core of the game.

In the video footage revealed, we see a concentrate on circulation motion for the lead character as they ride throughout the sand and also method off of half-pipes. From bordering summaries regarding the game, we understand that you regulate a personality called the Wraith, that was recharged to recover life to a spoiled globe, while taking on versus substantial leviathans that try to obstruct development.

Sword of the Sea is concerning PS5, yet no word yet on a launch day.



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