Elden Ring DLC’s Terrifying Birds Are Giving Players a Fright

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A Tarnished cowers in fear at the sight of some ordinary-looking birds on a cliffside in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco by means of Polygon

Elden Ring gamers are being jumpscared in the just recently launched Shadow of the Erdtree growth, yet not by a scary brand-new opponent or lethal ecological catch. No, the source of this concern is an easy, screeching bird.

A thin woodland situated southeast of the growth’s first website of poise checkpoint on the Gravesite Plain is among the earliest sites you see (and can get to) in Shadow of theErdtree It’s there you’ll locate a few of the growth’s brand-new crafting products, a hard human enemy called Logur, the Beast Claw that drops his eponymous tool upon loss, and a selection of spoiled rock frameworks simply pleading to be examined.

Some of these sites are home to eagle-like birds that do not allow a gamer’s method. And while they do not assault, they do make a dreadful blare when interrupted that’s evidently capturing some individuals off-guard. Messages populate the ground around these locations, warning other Tarnished to “listen carefully ahead” and “be wary of sound.” The macabre emotes connected to the cautions show brave-looking travelers thinking the fetal placement and elevating their hands to the skies in protective fear.

Similar tales have actually been shared on real-world social media sites.

“The jumpscare noise birds in this Elden Ring DLC might be the most insane thing they’ve ever done,” said one player on X (previously Twitter). “It’s not even an enemy you fight, they’re just part of the local fauna.”

“Dude, the bird sounds are literally making me crap my pants,” another Redditor said.

“Damn jump scares!” said a third “Got me twice within 20 minutes of starting the DLC. Need to get an Elden Ring-brand defibrillator.”

Soulsborne veterinarians might bear in mind designer FromSoftware drawing the exact same method in Dark Souls 3‘s Irithyll Dungeon, where getting specific products would certainly evoke a loud, horrifying scream from a hidden animal. The birds aren’t fairly as poor, yet there’s a disagreement to be made that their relaxing environments produce a much more reliable scare.

It’s much prematurely for me to have actually an informed viewpoint on Shadow of the Erdtree, yet if anything, it behaves to see FromSoftware remain to mercilessly tinker gamers.


Source: Polygon


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