Eight years after a Call of Duty dev assured to expose an easter egg, followers have actually come calling

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
(Image credit report: Treyarch)

Eight years after a Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 dev assured to expose a secret easter egg, the game’s area has actually come searching for solutions.

As raised by Twitter customer Glitching Queen previously today, previous Treyarch workshop co-head and also game supervisor Jason Blundell initially offered a meeting back in 2013, in which he rejected to provide a response concerning an “impossible” easter egg in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s Shadows of Evil Zombies map.

“So here’s the thing, just to crush everyone’s dreams,” Blundell starts in the video clip simply below. “You can ask me all you want, I’m going to put that away in a vault and talk to you about it again in eight years time,” Blundell claims of the obscure easter egg in the game’s Zombies setting.

Now, Call of Duty gamers from much and also bigger are banding with each other under the tweet over to look for a response fromBlundell All these years later on in 2023, gamers plainly bear in mind the assurance of the “impossible” Easter egg in Shadows of Evil, and also would like to know simply what Blundell was concealing.

However, it’s worth mentioning that we practically aren’t 8 years post-launch from Black Ops 3, as the tweet over states. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 introduced on November 6, 2015, so we can really be waiting till completion of this year for Blundell to ultimately provide a response.

That is if Blundell offers the response, certainly. As the video clip from Glitching Queen listed below summarises, Blundell is no more at Treyarch, and also he’s really quite tough to acquire, having no social media sites visibility whatsoever. At completion of the video clip, Glitching Queen urges others to obtain #ImpossibleEE trending on Twitter, to stimulate Blundell, or any kind of various other designers that understand about the easter egg, to ultimately step forward.

It’s a long odds, however it’s the only hope gamers have now. As the video clip mentions however, Blundell really did come through on a previous assurance comparable to this with Call of Duty: World at War, exposing an easter egg years after he claimed he would certainly. Call of Duty professionals are really hoping Blundell can once more make great on an easter egg-related assurance.

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