E3 2021: towards a paid formula for the show? The organizers’ response

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E3 2021: towards a paid formula for the show?  The organizers' response

Last month, a document from the City of Los Angeles made it clear that E3 2021 would only take place online. Today, following the revelations of Video Games Chronicle – who understands that the ESA is flooring a paid formula for the show – the organizers have confirmed that the festivities will take place in dematerialized form. “E3 2021 digital will be a free event for all, is it indicated on Twitter. We look forward to getting some real program information to you very soon.

When you read between the lines, the organization does not deny the possibility of offering paid content. The point of letting go of $ 35? According to our colleagues, ESA intends to get closer to NVIDIA and its GeForce NOW to allow publishers to deploy demos to the general public and the press. Moreover, the idea was blown to publishers without anyone knowing how it was received.

This premium pack would be part of an E3 2021 application allowing access, moreover, to virtual stands and the purchase of derivative products. In short, the ESA seems to offer the best online experience possible, while waiting to modernize its living room considered outdated by many observers. Finally, let’s not forget that the CESA is also considering asking a financial contribution for the Tokyo Game Show 2021 in exchange for exclusive content.


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