Draining pre-alpha GTA 6

Yesterday GTA 5 celebrated its 9th anniversaryand today we see what it might look like GTA 6. A user who claims to be behind the recent Uber hack declaredwhich also came to Rockstar Games, “borrowing” a lot of entertaining videos from the company.

The downloaded 3.19 GB archive includes 90 mp4 files that show various nuances of the future hit.

  • Judging by the names, the project is still called americas, and the leaked clips were recorded between March 2021 and September 2022.
  • A patrol car appears several times with the inscription Port Gellhorn (really in honor of the war correspondent and third wife of Ernest Hemingway?), but there are small VCPD (Vice City Police Departament) stickers nearby. Most likely, Port Gellhorn is the coastal region of the metropolis. In addition, there are also Vice City Metro cars.
  • The main characters of at least this drain are a guy and a girl, as well as reported Schreyer. The first name is Jason (Jason), the second is Lucia (Lucia / Lucia, but for you it’s just Lucy). In some episodes, they work together. Including finding shelter in a motel.

  • Or they rob a diner. The process is very similar to a raid on a grocery store in the “five”. Employees also take cash out of the till when threatened. But there are also differences. During a robbery, all visitors become your hostages – you can trot them personally. A timer also appears, which makes it clear when the police will arrive at the place.
  • In one scene, the couple are talking to a certain guy from the Jack of Hearts strip club, possibly one of the bosses at the beginning of the game.
  • Numerous videos showcase a set of character animations. They can squat (as in GTA 4), lie on your stomach and crawl. In addition, it is possible to cover your head and even throw the body of an ally or the corpse of an enemy onto your shoulders.
  • Rich functionality in cars. You can not only open and close the hood, but also do much more: adjust the rear-view mirror, press the pedals, fix the position of the steering wheel and chair, tilt the sun visors.
  • During gunfights, you can shoot back through the rear window or from the trunk of a pickup truck.
  • It is interesting that some large-caliber weapons are carried on the shoulder, and not hidden in an invisible inventory. In it, by the way, not only a first-aid kit and a bag caught my eye, but also a vial of painkillers – just like in Max Payne.
  • There was a place and a reference to the previous parts, namely to gta 5. Captured a conversation between two NPCs reminiscing about Lifeinvader founder Jay Norris and his death on live TV.

Opinions about what they saw could not but be divided. Part of the audience called the leak a fake, while someone is sure that we really have a GTA 6 pre-alpha. For example, same Jason Schreier. As for us, we share the concerns about authenticity – this is not a fake. This is indirectly indicated by interface elements similar to those shown in report at the GDC. It is also reported that Take-Two has begun sending out strikes to those who distribute the leaked material. And we can’t imagine how such a volume of work can be done in artisanal conditions.

Of course, in the end, the “six” will certainly be different from what we see right now, but the contours of the game are already emerging.

Source: gta.com.ua