Dragon’s Dogma 2 developer vows to address bugs and optimize frame rates, offers in-game microtransactions

Dragons Dogma 2 Captain Brant
(Image credit score: Capcom)

Capcom has actually reacted to Dragon’s Dogma 2 gamers grumbling concerning efficiency problems on computer, and the game’s microtransaction acquisitions.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 simply introduced earlier today on March 22, and it’s currently exceeding for Capcom in regards to computer gamer matter. That being stated, gamers have actually been much less than amazed with the game’s efficiency problems on computer, that include extreme stuttering, structure price declines, and also collisions, while others have actually been speaking up versus the quantity of microtransaction acquisitions readily available for the RPG.

In a brand-new Steam article, Capcom has actually reacted to both problems, in addition to excusing the problems computer gamers are encountering. “We are investigating/fixing critical problems such as crashes and freezing,” Capcom’s article reviews, including “We will be addressing crashes and bug fixes starting from those with the highest priority in patches in the near future.

“A huge quantity of CPU use is assigned per personality and computing the influence of their physical visibility in different locations. In specific scenarios where countless personalities show up concurrently, the CPU use can be really high and might impact the structure price,” the developer continues. “We realize that in such scenarios, setups that lower GPU lots might presently have a minimal impact; nonetheless, we are considering methods to boost efficiency in the future.”

This thinking for the variety of personalities lowering the game’s structure price has actually currently been acquired by Dragon’s Dogma 2 gamer base. Even prior to the RPG introduced, gamers were currently preparing NPC murder sprees to enhance the game’s structure price in specific locations, especially arounds and cities, to protect their CPU room. 

Finally, Capcom’s Steam post discuss the microtransaction things readily available for acquisition. As gamers have actually currently confirmed, Capcom mentions that every product readily available for acquisition can additionally be gained by playing Dragon’s Dogma 2—you can locate things like Wakestones and Rift Crystals out in the game’s open globe, which implies you do not clearly need to make use of the microtransaction alternatives.

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