Does the pet pass away in Resident Evil 4?

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A close-up shot of Leon Kennedy from the Resident Evil 4 remake

Image: Capcom

The brand-new variation of Resident Evil 4 is a superior remake of Capcom’s 2004 survival scary activity game, an overhaul that updates the initial with brand-new graphics, brand-new controls, as well as improvements to the tale as well as occasions. Capcom is not terrified to remix — as well as reduce — points that no more operate in a modern-day context, while additionally winking as well as responding to followers of the franchise business with a couple of crucial modifications.

One of the larger modifications that Capcom exposed in sneak peeks of the Resident Evil 4 remake was a spin on the pet experience in the very early-game town location of the game. In the initial RE4, Leon Kennedy experiences a defenseless pet trapped by among the several bear catches established around the town. After pertaining to the dog’s help, the pet runs, however later on goes back to assist Leon in a remarkable manager battle.

In the remake, that come across is extremely various. Early gameplay video footage signified a spin for Resident Evil 4’s precious pet buddy — that Leon would certainly appear obviously far too late, which the pet (or is it a wolf?) has actually been entraped for a long time, as well as is currently dead.

Naturally, individuals freaked.

But is that the entire tale? Here’s what takes place to the pet in Resident Evil 4.

[Warning: The following contains early game spoilers for the Resident Evil 4 remake.]

The video footage that Capcom revealed of the dead (as well as terribly disemboweled!) pet because very early consider Resident Evil 4 remake is, as several followers thought, a false trail. The actual “Hey, it’s that dog” pet shows up later on in Chapter 3 as well as is entraped in a various bear catch. It’s difficult to miss its unpleasant gripe as you hear it obtain captured in among the bear catches spread around the town.

As wherefore takes place to the pet afterwards…

[Second warning: The following contains early-to-midgame game spoilers for the Resident Evil 4 remake.]

The pet will certainly go back to help Leon in his battle against El Gigante, comparable to just how points play out in the initial Resident Evil 4. Leon provides the timeless “Hey, it’s that dog” line as well as our hairy buddy functions as a significant interruption as our hero attempts to remove the titan, Las Plagas-contaminated beast guy.

Don’t concern, the pet is penalty.


Source: Polygon

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