Do The Division’s new Threat/Aggro adjustments in patch 1.four truly work?

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Threat and Aggro mechanics have seen huge adjustments in The Division’s PTS. Let’s check out the enhancements.

The Division‘s 1.four patch is presently accessible for PC gamers to check on the general public take a look at server (PTS). 1.four is a considerable updates, and options many changes to core mechanics.

Among the adjustments is a rework of the Threat system and the way gamers can handle enemy aggro. This is managed by expertise that generate and cut back menace, thus enemy aggro. In the video above, Alex explores whether or not or not enemies will reply to your geared up expertise.

Alex created a brand new character with a gear rating of 229, utilizing solely high-end gear. To extra precisely take a look at out expertise, no weapon mods have been used.

You can use the Ballistic Shield ability to generate menace, together with the Mobile Cover ability and the extension mod. To cut back menace, you may equip the Smart Cover ability with the Concealment mod, Pulse with the Scrambler mod, or Mobile Cover with the Countermeasure mod.

The thought right here is to “juggle aggro”, which implies switching between menace technology and discount expertise to see if enemies will react. As you’re about to see, Alex and a buddy of his handle to juggle aggro fairly properly, by equipping and eradicating related expertise.

The method it really works, nevertheless, is a bit completely different from what chances are you’ll be used to from different MMOs. Watch the video to search out out.