Dizzying Rockstar Cash Bonus Stunts

Dizzying Rockstar Cash Bonus Stunts

April 1 – we don’t trust anyone except Rockstar Games. They have prepared new bonuses and discounts in multiplayer GTA Online… Just like last week, we will continue our motorcycle club, we will go skydiving and receive a large cash prize. All offers will be valid until the morning of April 8.

Profitable pursuits

Showdown - Drop Zone

Drop zone – announced throughout the state of San Andreas as part of the confrontation regime of the same name. Brave paratroopers jump from the Cargobob and try to capture and hold the area. Pick up weapons and first-aid kits, plan tactics and destroy enemies descending on parachutes. Participating in this mode will earn you 3x GTA $ and Reputation Points.

It’s time for the mail vans – during the sale of goods from biker businesses. It doesn’t matter what you are lucky to sell, but keep one thing in mind – you will be paid twice as much GTA $ and reputation points. By the way, this bonus also applies to the tasks of bikers.

Having run away, let’s jump off the cliff – we will open the parachute and fly along the control points. Rockstar rarely hosts bonus weeks for underutilized modes, but this time around, double GTA $ and reputation points are earned for all skydiving competitions. Skydiving will teach you how to maneuver well and land right on target.

Updating the wardrobe

Log into GTA Online any day before April 8th, complete any activity in the skydiving section, and get a free yellow Jackal sweater. The novelty can be tried on in a clothing store. Go to the tops rack. Next, find the section “Special Up” → Unlockables.

Five for five hundred

Five jumps and 500,000 in your pocket

Complete five successful Stunt Jumps in the GTA Online Free Session for a reward of GTA $ 500,000 on April 14th. For convenience, use our a map of unique jumps for GTA 5 – it is identical to those used in multiplayer.

Prize transport

Prize transport - Grotti Itali RSX

Experience your fortune. Diamond Casino has free access to wheel of luck… It can only be turned once a day. Try to win GTA $, reputation points, clothing, secret prizes or prize vehicles.

Rockstar Games has updated the prize vehicle on the podium. The Grotti Itali RSX is a fast-paced sports car added to the game with the Cayo Perico Heist update. The car offers slightly better stability than its sister model, the Grotti Itali GTO, and the suspension is less responsive to road bumps. In general, you should try your luck – after all, such expensive gifts do not appear on the podium every time.


The property:

  • hangars – 40% discount,
  • repair and modification of hangars – 40% discount,
  • all garages – 40% discount,
  • storage for personal transport in the checkpoint – 40% discount,


  • parachutes – free,
  • spare parachutes – free of charge,
  • parachute bags – free,
  • colored smoke for parachutes – free.


  • transport helicopter Cargobob – 40% discount,
  • Invetero Coquette D10 sports car – 40% discount,
  • sports aircraft Buckingham Howard NX-25 – 40% discount,
  • multipurpose helicopter Buckingham Valkyrie – 40% off,
  • business jet Buckingham Vestra – 40% discount,
  • civilian helicopter Maverick – 40% discount,
  • Nagasaki Outlaw all-terrain vehicle – 40% off,
  • four-seater sports car Dinka Sugoi – 40% discount,
  • sports car Karin Sultan Classic – 40% discount,
  • supercar Grotti Visione – 40% discount,
  • Attack helicopter Annihilator Stealth – 30% off.

Time Trial – “Grove Street”

Time Trial can bring up to 104,000GTA $. For conquering the required time, you will be paid once 100,000GTA $ + from 1,000GTA $ to 4,000GTA $ for the difficulty of the track. The time trial is the best opportunity to demonstrate your craving for records or earn over $ 100,000 in a quick way.

Time Trial RC – “La Fuente Blanca”

RC Bandito owners can take part in a special time trial.

RC Bandito can only be acquired if a garage is available at the Maze Bank Arena Workshop. Go to the Southern San Andreas Super Autos in-game website and buy an RC Bandito.

RC time trial can bring up to 104,000GTA $. For conquering the required time, you will be paid once 100,000GTA $ + from 1,000GTA $ to 4,000GTA $ for the difficulty of the track.

Premium Race – Senora Highway (Supercar only)

To participate in the premium race, you must pay an entry fee of $ 20,000GTA. Enter the yellow circle with a $ icon or use the Quick Play via your phone (Start Quick Play → Active Premium Race) and join the competition. Each victory in the race will bring – 100,000 GTA $, second place – 30,000 GTA $, third place – 20,000 GTA $ and three times accrual of reputation points for all riders.

In premium races, the settings are activated: interception, air bag and contactless mode. You can increase your chances of winning by choosing top cars in classes for participation in races GTA Online.

Special Offers for Rockstar Games + Twitch Prime Members

Bonuses Rockstar Games Social Club Affiliate Program with Twitch Prime this week:

  • 200,000GTA $ (funds will be credited within 3 days),
  • sonar for the submarine Kosatka – 100% discount,
  • classic sports car Annis Savestra – 80% off,
  • Maibatsu Manchez Scout Off-Road Motorcycle – 40% off,
  • classic car transporter Vapid Slamtruck – 35% off.

Special bonus for PlayStation Plus subscribers

Every month until GTA Online is released on PlayStation 5, PS Plus and PS4 members will receive $ 1,000,000. This month’s distribution will run until the morning of May 1. note that the issuance of a million is now carried out only at the request of the player


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