Disney'' s Illusion Island Is A 2D Platformer Coming Exclusively To Switch Next Year

Disney's Illusion Island announced 2023 Switch exclusive

Disney and also D La La Studios have actually exposed Disney’s Illusion Island, a 2D platformer starring Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald, and also obviously,Goofy

Revealed throughout today’s Disney and also Marvel Games Showcase, Illusion Island looks a whole lot like Disney’s Mickey Mouse reveal that contains numerous shorts starring initial Disney personalities like, well, Mickey and also all of his good friends.

It appears that in Illusion Island, we’ll be managing Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and also Goofy based upon what challenges may be in our means. Mickey, for instance, appears to be able to jump off of wall surfaces, whereas Minnie has a grapple hook-like rope beneficial for getting rid of big spaces. Donald can swim– duh– and also Goofy makes use of dressings (it sort of resembled mustard, however it could additionally simply be paint) to drift and also jump over the phase listed below.


All of it resembles great enjoyable, however it’s not all smiles and also joy onIllusion Island That’s due to the fact that our heroes need to sustain 3 tests to obtain the desired Book ofKnowledge We’ll discover precisely what those tests are when Disney’s Illusion Island hits Switch solely following year.


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