Director of BioShock claims that the canceled co-op survival horror shooter would have been “the greatest game we never had the chance to create”

Division 9
(Image credit report: Irrational Games)

Former BioShock supervisor Ken Levine has actually classified one tinned game the “best game” designer Irrational never ever reached make.

Last week, the Twitter account ‘Obscure Game Aesthetics’ published a collection of screenshots from Division 9, a terminated game that remained in the operate at BioShock workshop Irrational. Levine has actually currently reacted to the screenshots and information in the tweet simply below, labeling Division 9 the “best game we never got to make.”

If this is your very first time finding out about Division 9, I can barely condemn you – it’s rather old background now. Originally in the jobs around 2005 from the group behind SWAT 4, Division 9 would certainly’ve happened in the results of a zombie armageddon, where gamers united to gather sources to develop a base and rescue survivors. 

As Obscure Horror Aesthetics notes, Division 9 included “many similarities to Left 4 Dead,” Valve‘s contemporary timeless shooter, although it was conceived years previously. In truth, Division 9 would hardly make it past that phase prior to obtaining closed down, just ever before existing as an evidence of principle demonstration for workshop administration prior to it was tinned.

Sure, Left 4 Dead is one noticeable referral to attract a contrast to, yet the summary of Division 9 noises unusually like State of Decay, albeit in a first-person point of view as opposed to playing from a top-down sight. Still, developing bases and saving survivors throughout a zombie armageddon is something we’re rather acquainted with in the style now.

Irrational can regretfully never ever supply on this style, yet perhaps State of Decay 3 can spot that zombie management-shaped opening in our hearts, whenever it at some point launches.

Meanwhile, Levine and business at Ghost Story Games continue beavering away on Judas, which will certainly launch by March 2025.



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