Developers discuss new plans and commit to delivering the expected heisting experience for Payday 3 after disappointing release

Payday 3
(Image credit: Starbreeze Studios)

Months after one of the worst launches of 2023, Payday 3 developer Starbreeze has doubled down on plans to salvage the co-op FPS and turn it into “the heisting experience you expect from a Payday sequel.”

In a lengthy Twitter thread posted today, Starbreeze says “we want to take some time today to explain what we’re planning for PAYDAY 3 going forward. We’re well aware that many of you aren’t satisfied with the game the way it is in its current state.” 

Starbreeze affirms that it’s been collecting feedback since launch, and to more readily act on it, has now “put together a strike team of veteran developers from the design, community, communication, and production teams with the focus on bringing Payday 3 up to where it will meet your expectations. This team is currently creating a plan, deciding what will shape the game into the heisting experience you expect from a Payday sequel in both the short and long-term.” 

The studio adds that February will see the release of a plan “detailing the upcoming improvements and when you can expect to see them in the game.” When we’ll get these improvements and what exactly they are, among the sea of Payday 3 feedback, remains to be seen. 

The post is jointly signed by the Payday 3 team as well as brand director and community head Almir Listo. It concludes with a link to the game’s “FeatureUpvote” forum, where players can suggest and appraise ways to improve the game. Some of the top posts at the time of writing include: “Remove Denuvo” (one of four suggestions marked as “done”), “Offline mode (remove online requirement),” console mouse support, more ways to earn XP, and more detailed weapon stats. 

Payday 3 has struggled severely since its September 2023 release, which was plagued by server issues that made the game unplayable for many. According to Steam Charts, it’s averaged well under 2,000 concurrent players on Steam – notably just one platform where you can play Payday 3, but nevertheless a big one for the game – for the past two months. Payday 2, meanwhile, currently holds a 24-hour peak of 33,601 Steam concurrents, as fans of the series stick to ol’ reliable. Here’s hoping the troubled sequel becomes a game that more Payday fans feel is worth switching to, or at least playing. 

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