Devblog 91

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You’ve all been naughty, but that hasn’t stopped Santa visiting Rust. Read all about it at the official site.[]

  • Optimized tree culling and LODing
  • Added tree quality slider to the main menu performance options
  • Fixed vegetation LOD bias exploit
  • Added server side player damage verification
  • Fixed being unable to upgrade foundations with a turret on them
  • Fixed being able to jump higher when standing in water
  • Fixed light LOD performance regression from dungeons
  • Fixed shelves being unplaceable on certain triangle floors
  • Fixed bleeding damage lag exploit
  • Salvaged hammer & pickaxe are now throwable
  • Fixed “see through wall” bug accidentally introduced the week before
  • Fixed wave displacement on very shallow, flat water beds
  • Fixed “black river” at a distance bug; most noticeable on low quality terrain
  • Fixed a bug causing broken decals on tree trunks
  • Added water shoreline foam
  • Added atmospheric scattering/fog to some particle shaders (e.g. smoke, flames)
  • Improved light transmission on vegetation shaders
  • Major water overhaul to simplify/speedup and attempt to fix serious bugs affecting DX9 on some AMD GPUs
  • Fixed infinite 5.56 Ammo exploit
  • Auto Turrets no longer shoot each other
  • Auto Turrets can no longer be placed completely under water
  • M249 was made much more accurate
  • Helicopter crates are now lootable if they happen to land in water
  • Added Small/Medium/Large gifts
  • Added XMas stockings that refill periodically
  • Added Comfort-giving bear deployable
  • Added Candy Cane
  • Added world spawn gifts
  • Other XMas content
  • Added community skins
  • Rcon.port defaults to game port
  • If Rcon.ip is undefined listen to any ip
  • Sound performance tweaks
  • Increased clientside physics step
  • Decreased serverside physics step
  • Updated to Unity 5.4.2
  • Disabled rain collision (performance)