Devblog 90

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Lots and lots of bug fixing in the run up to the holidays. But there’s also sleeping bag spawn tweaks, some sexy new rocks, music, and more. Read all about it at the official site.[]

  • Improved water movement
  • Fixed various lag exploits
  • Fixed foundation steps being unplaceable in certain situations
  • Fixed LODGroup errors on the keylock
  • Fixed lantern stacking / hiding exploit
  • Fixed nighttime water reflection highlights
  • Fixed floor / foundation overlap exploit
  • Fixed floating doors when placed next to stairs
  • Fixed embrasures and shutters randomly collapsing
  • Fixed being able to block monument entrances using signs
  • Missing footsteps on generic surfaces fixed
  • Building parts door frames see through fixed
  • Fixed ladders and painting frames clipping inside walls
  • Fixed rockets going through building parts
  • Removed ability to place locks on some prefabs
  • Updated stone world model/physics
  • Fixed lock LOD distances
  • Fixed barrel/trashpile LOD distances
  • Removed blood/battery/note from spawn tables
  • Radial reset for sleeping bags/beds
  • Can no longer throw melee tools underwater
  • Stuck projectiles spawn ontop of corpse if would fall through world
  • Healthbars (player and world objects) now round up instead of down
  • Can no longer heal underwater
  • Made impact sounds more consistent
  • Tweaked the m249 fire sound
  • Tweaked the metal hatchet impact sounds
  • Tweaked fall damage sounds
  • Made fall damage sounds only play when you take 20+ damage
  • Fixed a couple little bugs with sound playback
  • Disabled the sounds in the new dungeons when far away (perf)
  • Fixed footstep sounds not playing on surfaces with a generic material
  • Set up voice limiting for some of the helicopter sounds