Destiny replace containing modifications to shotguns and rifles is dwell – right here’s the patch notes

Bungie has launched a patch for Destiny, which as beforehand reported, makes some changes to shotguns and rifles.


The replace to Destiny additionally adjusts numerous assaults and counter assaults within the Crucible. You’ll discover some modifications to Elimination Gametypes together with Special Ammo in that part.

We’ve posted the notes for hotfix under to save lots of you a little bit of clicking.

Destiny Hotfix


Special Ammo

  • Adjusted Special ammo economic system in all gametypes
  • Players begin Crucible matches with Special ammo
  • Special ammo is now misplaced upon loss of life – Sidearms are usually not affected by this alteration
  • Special ammo crates now seem each 60 seconds (preliminary spawn and respawn)
  • Special ammo crates are shared with allies inside 75m (down from 100m)
  • Special ammo timing in Mayhem is unchanged

Elimination Gametypes

  • Round time restrict has been lowered to 90 seconds (down from 2 minutes)
  • Players solely begin with Special ammo for Round 1 in Elimination gametypes
  • Special ammo timing is 30s preliminary, then 45s respawns
  • Special ammo is wiped at first of subsequent rounds


Hand Cannons

  • Significantly elevated preliminary accuracy (returns to Launch / Year 1)
  • Reduced base vary to 35m from 40m
  • Reduced Aim Assist and Magnetism at longer ranges
  • Reduced minimal injury after falloff from 50% to 33%

Auto Rifles

  • Increased Precision Damage modifier to 1.3x (up from 1.25x)
  • Increased base injury of low fee of fireside Auto Rifles by 2.5%
  • Increased in air accuracy

Pulse Rifles

  • Reduced fee of fireside for very excessive fee of fireside Pulse Rifles by 7.7%
  • Increased fee of fireside for low fee of fireside Pulse Rifles by 5.three%
  • Reduced Magazine Size of Clever Dragon and Grasp of Malok by 6
  • Reduced the impact of High Caliber Rounds for Pulse Rifles
  • Increased in air accuracy

Scout Rifles: Increased in air accuracy


  • Shotguns now not deal precision injury
  • The Chaperone and Universal Remote are unaffected by this alteration
  • Note: Universal Remote solely offers precision injury when ADS
  • Shotguns now have considerably much less magnetism when fired from the hip
  • Shotguns now have considerably much less in air accuracy
  • Shotguns now not have a motion penalty
  • Shotguns now deal 20% extra injury to combatants
  • Rangefinder on Shotguns now will increase ADS time by 25%
  • Reduced Universal Remote’s Magazine Size to three from 5
  • Universal Remote now takes longer to reload


  • Young Wolf’s Howl – Reduced “Howling Flames” ammo price from 10 to five
  • Truth – Reduced Magazine dimension from three to 1



  • Reduced Health of Guardians with Armor values above 10
  • Increased injury of Flux Grenade, Magnetic Grenade and Shoulder Charge to make sure effectiveness throughout all Armor values
  • Blink now disables your Radar and HUD for a short while after activation


  • Throwing Knife now offers Solar Damage on impression Bladedancer’s Quick Draw Perk now not readies your weapons immediately, however now grants a big enhance to weapon dealing with velocity

Hungering Blade

  • Immediately begins Health regen
  • Restores extra Health per kill
  • Gives a flat quantity of Health/Shield per activation
  • Does not instantly begin regenerating Shields


  • Viper Totemic on Ophidian Aspect now not readies your weapon immediately, however now grants a big enhance to weapon dealing with velocity
  • Stormcaller’s Thunderstrike melee vary lowered to be in line with different Warlock Subclasses
  • Amplitude will proceed to grant small vary enhance to new base vary
  • Landfall now reduces the overall time in Stormtrance

Titan – Juggernaut is now disabled after being within the air for a short while and can’t be activated whereas in mid air


  • Outbreak Prime now not triggers The Corruption Spreads by capturing at Ward of Dawn
  • Shinobu’s Vow now not provides an extra seeker to Skip Grenades
  • Removed intrinsic Perks Kneepads and Icarus on some Talent grids
  • Fixed a difficulty the place High Caliber Rounds weren’t functioning correctly on Hand Cannons, Scout Rifles, Machine Guns and Sniper Rifles

Hungering Blade modifications have been additionally “inadvertently utilized to the next Perks –  for extra data check this post:

  • Transfusion (Striker Titan)
  • Cauterize (Sunbreaker Titan)
  • Lifesteal (Voidwalker Warlock)
  • Red Death Perk
  • Suros Legacy Perk (Suros Regime)
  • No Backup Plans
  • Ward of Dawn solid
  • The Ram
  • Apotheosis Veil
  • Embrace the Void (Voidwalker Warlock)