Destiny 2’s scorching new construct punches raid bosses to dying in seconds

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At the center of The Dreaming City lies Riven, an unlimited wish-granting dragon who created this unreal world via will alone however has now been corrupted by- wait, by no means thoughts, she’s been punched to dying in underneath two seconds. Alright Guardians, subsequent mission: contained in the partitions of Earth’s final standing metropolis, aliens who misplaced every thing when their spaceorb made us its new greatest buddies have constructed an enormous mech which can soo- nup, additionally knocked out in seconds. Never thoughts. A scorching new novelty construct is doing the rounds in Destiny 2, seeing gamers beat bosses to dying with their fists sooner than any gun may kill them.

The murdercombo includes utilizing sure gadgets, a wee exploit, and the fleeting Solstice Of Heroes event buffs to make punches so beefy that even bosses crumple. Noted Destiny vidman “Gladd” demonstrates:

That’s wild, that. If you fancy a go your self, you will need a Hunter and some rare goodies. I’ll lay them out.

  • Liar’s Handshake, a pair of Exotic-rarity gloves which underneath sure situations give a mighty ‘counterpunch’ dealing huge harm and therapeutic you. Using a cheeky glitch, you possibly can have that buff up for each blow.
  • A shotgun with One-Two Punch, a perk which briefly boosts melee harm if all pellets hit a goal.
  • Three stacks of Combination Blow, a ‘Way Of The Warrior’ Arcstrider Hunter melee buff gained by beating baddies to dying.
  • Tractor Cannon, an Exotic shotgun which applies a damage-multiplying debuff.
  • A Striking Hand armour mod for Leviathan bosses, boosting harm after melee kills.
  • And, most significantly, a day when the Solstice occasion polarity is on Arc vitality, which supplies additional melee harm when you’ve acquire sufficient orbs to activate buffs.

That is 2 various kinds of shotgun, sure, however they’re purely for buffing. Firepower is nothing in comparison with fistpower right here.

Liar’s Handshake has enabled foolish combo antics earlier than, however it is a step past. It appears significantly wild on Riven, a boss battle most gamers already half-skip utilizing a ‘cheese’ technique with cluster rockets. Now this wish-granting spacedragon is downed by a bop on the nostril simply over a second after she pops up.

Titans could be the heavyweight boxers of Destiny, however we Hunters are a wiry bunch of bastards with all kinds of tips up (and, with Liar’s Handshake, on) our sleeves.

This received’t final without end. The combo will lose an entire lot of energy when the Solstice Of Heroes ends and takes its buff with it. And I’ll not be too stunned if Bungie later fiddle with a number of the different expertise and gadgets concerned, although I shall be upset.

It is refreshing to see one thing so foolish at a time when the accepted ‘proper’ method to play most end-game PvE makes use of the identical handful of weapons and expertise. Everyone’s all ‘Mountaintop this’, ‘Lunafactions that’, and now essentially the most environment friendly tactic is a punch to the face. Bif!