Dead Cells’ new mini-bosses will train you easy methods to battle the large bads

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Though 2D fight traditional Dead Cells was constructed to be robust, it is also irritating. In explicit, a participant can have a robust run swiped from them by a boss battle they have been by no means ready for within the ranges main as much as it. That’s what Update 14: Who’s The Boss hopes to handle, including six new mini-bosses that put together you for the large (oh so massive) bads on the finish of a run.

Losing an hour of your life in seconds to a large bastard with unknowable talent is an Alt-F4 worthy finish to what’s speculated to be an entertaining and rewarding dungeon jaunt. The neat resolution builders Motion Twin have provide you with will allow you to encounter the boss’s assaults earlier than the boss itself. For instance, earlier than you attain the Concierge boss, and are available face-to-flame together with his unblockable hearth assault, you’ll encounter the Sweeper, a extra fairly statted NPC with the identical assault. Here it’s in movement, as a result of the game’s pixels have been made to be seen shifting.

It’s very sensible game design, as a result of the warning additionally serves to present you one thing newish to battle. To preserve you motivated all the best way to the ultimate battle they’ve additionally added six new weapons. The twist right here is that they’re based mostly on the game’s bosses, and also you unlock them by defeating the boss. Here’s a fast gif that ends with the very best one: the Giant’s Fist.

This replace has thrown a spanner into the works for my night. I had deliberate to hop into No Man’s Sky, however the best roguevania within the land now has a frying pan as a weapon. I’ve some critical decisions to make.