Dauntless behemoths – ideas for each Dauntless boss

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So you’ve equipped and it’s now time to tackle one of many many boss Behemoths in Dauntless. But merely having the gear is barely half the battle – you might want to know the way to dodge its brutal assaults and when to strike again. To that finish, we’re getting ready a full record of the bosses you’ll face within the game and the way to slay each one.

Those new to looking Behemoths ought to brush up on the fundamentals. Head over to our Dauntless guide & tips for extra ideas and methods to get you began.

Dauntless Boss Behemoth information

This Dauntless boss information will go over the methods, sources, and every thing you might want to find out about defeating them. Each of the person guides are beneath and are listed by species at this level. We will in fact be updating each with variants launched later within the game.

Dauntless boss Behemoth guides

Dauntless boss guides

Monster Element Description
Gnasher Neutral Complete with buck-teeth, the Gnasher is your first essential Behemoth you may face.
Embermane Blaze The first Blaze monster likes to cost and spit fireballs.
Boreus Frost The first Frost monster hides behind shields and summons minions.
Drask Shock Able to undertaking lightning from its maw, this beast may be tough to cope with.
Skarn Terra This Behemoth makes use of rocks as an additional layer of safety, and a battering ram.
Shrike Neutral An Owlbear that likes to swoop round, wafting whirlwinds because it passes by.
Charrogg Blaze Beware of the Charrogg’s magma on this in any other case simple battle.
Kharabak Terra This large wasp is quick and may go invisible to make your life a nuisance.
Quillshot Neutral A cross between a porcupine and a pig, that may fireplace its quills at you.
Skraev Frost A Frost variant of the Shrike that has some new methods up its sleeve.
Stormclaw Shock This nimble Behemoth places down lightning totems because it darts round.
Nayzaga Shock This lizard shoots spikes that cost up lightning to make your hunt a stunning expertise.
Hellion Blaze This Blaze Behemoth likes to dig underground and pop up the place you least anticipate it.
Pangar Frost A Frost Behemoth that rolls across the place and hits like a truck.
Koshai Terra This ferocious lizard makes use of vines to warp across the place.
Riftstalker Umbral A Behemoth that makes use of portals to dart round and make your hunt a trouble.
Shrowd Umbral This large Behemoth requires nice reactions to dodge its giant vary assaults.
Rezakiri Radiant A cross between a snake and a praying mantis that shoots rays of sunshine.
Valomyr Radiant This absolute unit has a robust beam it could possibly shoot from its head.

Behemoth Rankings and Threat Levels

You’ll start by dealing with off in opposition to “Lesser” variations of a number of the monsters detailed in every information. These are basically simpler variations of every of the monsters, lacking a couple of key assaults and properties that make their extra grownup kinds much more of a trouble to defeat. The menace stage is a sign of how robust the problem shall be: The decrease this worth is, the simpler it’ll be. Some have Heroic Threat Level variants, that are tougher variations.

Threat Levels are proven within the menus, however the game doesn’t inform you what weapon and armour ranges you ought to be at till you’re in a foyer, about to go looking the monsters. To support you in making certain you will have the perfect gear, use the desk beneath to work out what the weapon and armour energy you want is, earlier than consulting each the Dauntless armor and Dauntless weapons guides respectfully.

Threat Level Weapon Power Armor Power
1 50 50
2 75 75
3 100 100
4 150 150
5 200 200
6 250 250
7 275 275
8 300 300
9 325 325
10 350 350
11 375 375
12 400 400
13 425 425
14 450 450
15 475 475
16 500 500
17 550 550

Player preparing to interrupt an attack that can be interrupted. The Embermane has sparks around its head to indicate this.

Interrupting assaults

One of the primary stuff you’ll need to exploit are assaults that may be interrupted, often known as “booping”. The assaults that may be interrupted are normally indicated by a bunch of pink strains showing on the enemy simply earlier than the assault lands. To pull off a profitable interrupt, you’ll want to make use of your weapon or it’s skill, relying on which you will have outfitted.

For instance, the Warpike makes use of its Laser to interrupt assaults, which require you to land a couple of hits first earlier than storing the cost. Firing the cost whereas the enemy has the pink strains will topple the opponent, leaving them open to being attacked.

Enraged and Aether-Charged Behemoths

Behemoths have completely different states, relying on how the battle goes. It’s slightly complicated to know when one or the opposite has occurred and what precisely has modified within the battle, if you happen to don’t know what you’re searching for.

Enraged Behemoths will stand nonetheless for a short while, charging up and emitting a pink shockwave to knock you over. For followers of Dragon Ball Z, assume what occurs when any character simply stands there and screams, yelling and having the earth erupt round them. For a short while afterwards, they’ll be slightly sooner and hit slightly tougher with their common assaults.

The Aether-Charged state is a little more like what occurs when a Saiyan goes “Super Saiyan” or the large dangerous man modifications their type. They’ll remodel their our bodies to include new options. The Nayzaga for instance will develop its electrically charged spines. When this occurs, the Behemoth positive factors entry to model new assaults, that are normally deadlier and tougher to dodge. The Enraged state may be stacked on prime of this, so when this occurs, ensure you’re dodging.

That’s it for our boss information, however there’s loads extra to have a look at in our guides set for Dauntless. For all of your alchemy wants, head on over to our Dauntless alchemy information, whereas our primer on cells and orbs is situated in our Dauntless cells/perks information.