Crossout 3.0: Gigacharged

Can you feel… Can you feel my craft?!


It hasn’t yet been a year since Crossout became Supercharged, and it’s far from over. It’s not even our final form! Today, we’re proud to announce that our beloved game will soon be moving on to a new phase – Crossout Gigacharged.

We can’t reveal the full list of changes yet – the exhilaration of reading it may put an unprepared person into a state of uncontrollable ecstasy and hyper-efficiency, which would have a negative impact on the in-game market. In the Wasteland, there aren’t enough resources for everyone!

Nevertheless, we’re still sharing a bit of it right now. Behold: 


No one in the Valley accepted Hertz because of his excessive fondness for dangerous experiments, which made the young scientist very angry. After years of wandering around power stations and transformer booths, he realized that he didn’t need anyone’s acceptance. Dependence on the opinions of others can be very dangerous, and all that is needed for true success is to constantly work on yourself and self-improve. Years of experience have instilled this philosophy in our hero, and now everyone calls him nothing less than Gigahertz.


Activation: Talent is charged as you move to your goal along life’s path. The next encountered setback activates the talent.

Effect: increases damage to inner demons and fears by 30%, and by the same percentage increases the confidence gain. 

Passive skills:

  • It’s impossible to morally hurt him
  • Gorgeous appearance
  • Refuses to elaborate any further


While everyone else uses a tiny “Blockchain”, Gigahertz always has a trump card up the sleeve: the monstrous jewel of weaponry. His trusty “Blockchad” has gone through many battles with Beta bandits, and every time it has brought its owner success.

  • Rarity: motivating.
  • PS: 12,000.
  • Durability: ∞.
  • Energy consumption: 16.
  • Mass: 20,000 kg.
  • Perk: Damage dealt is based on the user’s motivation.

Other new items include the “Yamato” laser drill, the “Patrick’s business card” decor, the “Clown jacket” defense module, and the “Nanomachines” paint.

And to make your wait a bit brighter, you will get a great gift upon entering the game. The great gift in question consists of 1 unit of Scrap metal, Copper, Wires, Plastic, Electronics, Batteries, and – attention – Uranium ore! A set for any occasion, no thanks are necessary!

Welcome to the club, buddy!