Critical Role to embark on a one-shot of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Critical Role cast around a table recording

Image: Critical Role using Twitter

Critical Role, the tremendously prominent Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying collection, is taking the team to Hyrule for a The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom-influenced one-shot table top roleplaying game. In honor of the game’s launch previously in May, Critical Role will certainly organize the unique episode on May 30 at 7 p.m. PDT on its Twitch and YouTube channels.

The one-shot experience is funded by Nintendo of America, as well as led by the voice of Ganondorf, Matt Mercer. Critical Role announced the event on Friday, keeping in mind that the tale as well as personalities are influenced by Tears of the Kingdom as well as the globe of Hyrule, so there will be no story spoilers.

Alongside Mercer, Critical Role gamers Liam O’Brien, Marisha Ray, Robbie Daymond, Omar Najam, as well as Emily Axford will certainly show up on the Tears of the Kingdom episode.

Tears of the Kingdom was launched on May 12 as well as is currently the fasting marketing game in the Legend of Zelda franchise. Three days in, Nintendo sold more than 10 million units, the firm introduced today. Should Tears of the Kingdom proceed with this rate, it’s most likely to sign up with Nintendo’s top-selling Switch games of perpetuity, similar to Breath of the Wild, the game’s precursor.

The appeal as well as ripe globe of Hyrule absolutely makes the franchise business an engaging globe for Critical Role to go to — particularly thinking about Mercer’s crucial function in Tears of the Kingdom. Mercer himself called himself a “huge” Legend of Zelda follower when he announced his voice casting in Tears of the Kingdom; he had in fact played Ganonorf before in a follower collection There Will Be Brawl. If there’s any person certified to produce a one-shot around the globe, it’s most likely him.

Critical Role isn’t brand-new to the real play in video clip game globes, either: Mercer hosted an Elden Ring one-shot in March in 2015 funded by author Bandai Namco. And prior to that, in 2017, the team tackled a one-shot within the video clip game globe of Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, funded by WB Games.


Source: Polygon

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