Chance encounter with fellow MMO player leads to a surprise haul of free booze from flight attendant

Old School RuneScape
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The Pirate’s Treasure pursuit in Old School RuneScape sees you smuggle a container of rum by means of ship by concealing it in a cage of bananas. One of the MMO’s gamers lately discovered themselves in a reasonably comparable circumstance in the real world: satisfying a steward that additionally plays OSRS and talented them a huge bag of complimentary airline company liquor since that’s exactly how MMO friendship functions. 

Reddit individual *checks notes* Thunder_shart shared their opportunity experience with the OSRS subreddit recently. They saw a steward having fun OSRS on the MMO’s mobile customer, and pointed out the game in passing as they went back to their seat, “thinking nothing much of it.”

“However, as he was grabbing people’s drink orders, he briefly stopped by me and struck up a conversation about RS,” they stated in their article. “We then chatted about his time in the game, the [level 99 skills] he’s obtained over the years, the Infernal Cape he’s strived for, and even of my recent endeavor of jumping back into this game.

“Now truthfully, I was touched at such an authentic discussion, particularly with it remaining in the least anticipated of areas. However, he really left me stunned as we were touchdown. During the last cabin check, he turned back about and handed me a complete waste bag of liquor, merely informing me to take pleasure in.”

I found a Flight Attendant playing OSRS in the back of the plane from r/2007scape

In total, they received six bottles of whiskey and two bottles of bourbon – no rum, sadly, but quite a haul nevertheless. “It’s minutes similar to this, beyond the game, in opportunity communication, that I locate that this neighborhood actually radiates,” they said. “I can hardly ever consider an additional game that would certainly drive a person to do such arbitrary acts of compassion.” 

Immensely amused, I reached out to talk through this chance encounter a bit more. (I also tried to connect with the flight attendant, but while they were happy for this story to be shared, they didn’t want to be interviewed.) Thunder says they’ve since “dipped right into a pair” bottles, but still have a few unopened. When they first received their unexpected loot, they say they were “truthfully puzzled.”

“The lights were lowered in the cabin, so when I was handed a bag that stated ‘waste,’ I was type of perplexed. But when I opened it, it seemed like Christmas!” 

Our generous flight attendant may have had enough time for a quick OSRS check-in, but they still had a job to do, so Thunder says they didn’t get to talk very much on the flight. “We had just a few minutes to talk as he developed and down the cabin. I did call out to him once more previous luggage insurance claim, simply to thank him and to inform him to obtain his continuing to be [skill capes], however apart from that, we were going our different methods.

“He saw my Reddit post and DMed me his username (giving a bit of detail he would only know lol), so we added each other in-game!” 

I’ve talked to a great deal of OSRS gamers for many years, and Thunder is appropriate to mention that the game’s neighborhood can cause some unforgettable conferences. I ask what’s brought them back to the MMO this time around – OSRS gamers like to joke that no one really stops the game, they just take breaks – and they provide me an acquainted, heartfelt response. 

“Nostalgia for sure. As corny as it sounds, there’s just something comforting about walking through Varrock doing clue scrolls or even just standing near trees hacking away for XP. It’s the only game I constantly find myself drawn back to, whether it be through playing or watching content. It’s such a unique community.” 

The OSRS neighborhood was type of worried for one gamer that spent thousands of hours catching one million terrible fish. In various other, uh, heartfelt information, an OSRS profession failed just barely avoided the “literally murder my cousin” ending



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