**Celebrate with The Witcher: Anniversary Edition—Featuring Community-Curated Music and Art!**

This latest episode is a grand celebration! In honor of the anniversaries of The Witcher 2 & 3, you’ve stepped into the shoes of our bards to select the music! Whether you identify as a witcher, sorceress, human, or elf, we welcome you to join us!

Watch the episode here

Made possible by you! We thank you for sharing your incredible creations with the entire Witcher community, and we invite you to continue submitting new and imaginative works to our gallery: Submit your work

Geralt and the gang had a fantastic time celebrating, all thanks to your contributions. Be sure to visit our website for new polls and cast your vote on the topics for future episodes! If you’re craving more outstanding community content, explore our website gallery to see even more impressive creations.


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