CDPR quest director says Cyberpunk 2077 aimed for a less “artificial” RPG following The Witcher 3, but “kind of missed the point”

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

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Telegraphing, or interacting to gamers what’s occurring and why, was one more huge subject throughout Phantom Liberty’s advancement. He contrasts Cyberpunk 2077’s technique to The Witcher 3’s, and thinks CDPR turned a little also much in the various other instructions for immersion. 

“In The Witcher 3, if you make a choice, you even have the flashback moment where Geralt comes in and tells you, ‘If I had chosen this or that, then this or that would happen.’ You have this really artificial moment of that flashback telling you exactly what happened. 

“In Cyberpunk, we intended to make it as diegetic, as immersive as feasible, as all-natural as feasible. We were so refined often, due to the fact that we desired it to be so practical therefore all-natural, that we went so refined and sort of misunderstood, you understand what I imply? We misunderstood that, wait, the gamer chose and we require to ensure the gamer really feels, is telegramed that the outcome of what’s occurring is the outcome of what they have actually selected. 

“That was a really big learning for Phantom Liberty. OK, we are doing telegraphing. We are making sure we are showing all those consequences. That’s why, so many times when you make a choice, there is a follow-up in the form of text messages, pictures in text messages, in the form of a quest branch where an NPC comes back.” 

Sasko claims that layout understandings like these “will be conclusions taken further” as CDPR aims to proceed the Cyberpunk franchise business with working-title sequel Project Orion. He additionally zeroes in on style and style, suggesting that CDPR has actually grown as a workshop and come to be much more constant in its writing, which this is partially a feature of the workshop obtaining much more familiar with the Cyberpunk IP. 

“We are trying to have a theme defined early and build everything around it, but also genre. We were doing variations of genre. We were doing, suddenly, quests that were comedy and tragedy and drama and tragicomedy and pastiche. We were doing those things in the past. Now we are so much more conscious and deliberate and, I would say, mature as creators … When you play Phantom Liberty, you can feel it. That genre and theme is so defined, and you can feel that we as creators know what we are doing. We actually understand the IP so much better than we did in the past.” 

The Witcher 3 was a large collection advance, and CDPR wants a similar glow-up for Cyberpunk 2077’s sequel



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