Capcom: the company victim of a hack, all the projects of 2021 have leaked

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Capcom: the company victim of a hack, all the projects of 2021 have leaked

Hard blow for Capcom: the famous Osaka firm has recently had its database hacked. This includes obviously sensitive information on many of its employees, but also and especially its plan for the year 2021: a lot of information on a lot of projects, announced or not, have just been disclosed on the Internet … to the chagrin organisation. As tradition dictates, we must take these details with a grain of salt, the company having been able to change its plans very well in the meantime.

  • Resident Evil Village: the new opus of the saga would ultimately not be a PS5 / Xbox Series exclusive but would be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Everything would arrive in April 2021, preceded by a free playable demo.
  • A new Resident Evil multiplayer game called Project Highway or Village Online, which would be a battle royale.
  • A new project called “Guillotine” scheduled for Switch in February, and other platforms in May.
  • A new project called “Reiwa”, apparently scheduled for May
  • A new multiplayer shooter called “Shield”, focused on streaming, streamers and their audience
  • Ace attorney : A compilation of the name of Ace Attorney Collection is expected on PS4 and Switch
  • Monster Hunter Rise: the Switch excluded would finally arrive on PC in October 2021. Playable demos (whose platforms remain to be specified) would be released in January and March.
  • Monster Hunter Stories 2: the release is scheduled for 2021 on Switch and PC. There would be solo play but also online co-op and even PvP mode. Also, paid extensions, free post-launch quests, cosmetic microtransactions and compatibility with amiibos would also be planned.
  • Resident Evil 4: a version for the Oculus VR would be planned.
    • Finally, source codes for Devil May Cry 2 and Umbrella Chronicles were leaked, with the photo from the original DVD of the first as a bonus.

So, are there any things that kick you in particular?


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