Capcom Games, Including Resident Evil and Monster Hunter, Targeted by Negative Reviews on Steam After Anti-Mod Updates

Monster hunter
(Image credit: Capcom)

Capcom games are being review-bombed after the developer recently introduced new anti-modding software.

Back in October 2023, Capcom asserted that mods were “no different than cheating,” causing a pretty negative response from players. Last week, Capcom pushed that mindset further, introducing a piece of software called Enigma, that was aimed at preventing modders from accessing a game’s .exe files and thus modding the game itself.

The trouble is, Enigma has been perceived as a slight by Capcom against players because it can be used as DRM software, and so could negatively impact game performance. Last week when Enigma quietly launched in Resident Evil Revelations on PC, there wasn’t any evidence that it was impacting game performance, or that it was being used as DRM software, but just the possibility of it was enough to anger Capcom’s PC crowd.

Now, that PC player base is speaking out against the developer by way of Steam user reviews. “Do not recommend a game from a Company who adds an awful path as DRM Enigma Protector,” writes one recent user review on Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. “Not supporting their DRM against modding,” adds a short and sharp user review.

“Already a bad MvC, and Enigma malware was added to game years after initial purchase. No notification or warning,” says a new review on Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite. “Capcom is secretly, and without our consent, adding their Enigma DRM to a bunch of their older games,” reads another negative user review on the same game.

“Negative review due to the addition of DRM, not only to this game, but others as well, including single-player titles that don’t need it. this negatively impacts performance and causes issues,” reads a user review on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

These are just a snippet of the outpouring of negative reviews, all citing Enigma. Games stretching as far back as Lost Planet 3 in 2013 have been negatively impacted by the new user reviews, as has DLC for Capcom Arcade Stadium, Resident Evil Village, and Street Fighter 5, among others.

Right now, Capcom has yet to issue any official response to its PC player base, just under a week removed from the initial protests against Enigma debuting in Resident Evil Revelations. 

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