Bungie takes Destiny 2 offline on a huge spot day after worrying gamer records

Destiny 2
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On what ought to be an interesting spot day, Bungie has actually taken Destiny 2 offline to check out records of gamers shedding progression on landmarks like Triumphs as well as Seals, as well as alsoExotic Catalysts

Reports of this problem began emerging virtually quickly after today’s upgrade went live, as well as the Bungie Help Twitter (opens up in brand-new tab) fasted to recognize that “several Triumphs have had their progress reset unintentionally, which can potentially remove earned Seals from players.” Seals can be fairly challenging to make, so gamers were naturally distressed to visit as well as discover they would certainly been inexplicably eliminated.

In its newest update (opens up in brand-new tab), the account validated that the game’s been brought offline “as we investigate an ongoing issue causing certain Triumphs, Seals, and Catalysts to lose progress for players.” It’s presently uncertain for how long this downtime will certainly last.

Ironically, this issue begins the heels of Bungie verifying that, apart from a single isolated incident, currentclaims of deleted Destiny 2 characters were inaccurate It’s additionally complied with an amazing week for Destiny 2 news which was buoyed by the adjustments in today’s spot, most significantly the reliable elimination of inventory-clogging blue engrams, and also PvE enthusiasts for my favored kid, the precursor rifleDead Man’s Tale

Unfortunately, presumably a few of today’s large adjustments obtained some cords went across someplace. Assuming it is was the straight reason, I’m unsure what component of today’s spot might’ve created these concerns, though the patch notes (opens up in brand-new tab) do significantly state some Exotic Catalysts, Triumphs, as well as UI solutions for oneSeal I such as to believe this was a last “screw you” from blue engrams on their escape.

I’ve connected to Bungie for even more information on today’s downtime along with modifications for the shed progression that some gamers have actually reported. I’ll upgrade our coverage if I listen to back.

In the meanwhile, we can all bask in the truth that whileDestiny 2 is nerfing Resilience, it’s still the best stat in the game


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