Brian Zampella creams off Jason’s ‘role’

New topic of discussion GTA 6 became an actor. There is a fierce debate on the Internet about who played and voiced the main characters.

The culprit of the increased interest of the public was Brian Zampella (Bryan Zampella), an actor who posted a photo on his Instagram account in which he is dressed just like Jason from game fragments leaked in Septemberwith a song from GTA: Vice City (Run To You performed by Bryan Adams).

The photo that made a splash over the weekend.

And this isn’t the first time Zampella has been wreaking havoc in the GTA community. That year, shortly after the sinks, he was already making ambiguous allusions by posting your picture with a hashtag referring to Vice City (the setting of the sixth part).

Photo taken on September 23, 2022, five days after the plums.

All this seemed to be nothing. We already had one. And hardly anyone dared to violate the non-disclosure agreement so boldly. But supporters of Brian’s involvement in the “six” cite two facts. First: the general similarity between the actor and the character. Second: friendship with Joe Rubino (Joe Rubino), cinematographer at Rockstar Games in 2010-2016, who worked on Max Payne 3, gta 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2.

However, there is another candidate for this role – Matthew Metzger (Matthew Metzger). Back in November GTAForums user claimedthat the voice of the actor is similar to the voice of Jason. As an example, he cited a comparison of lines from Midnight Club: Los Angeles (voiced the protagonist; also participated in the creation of Red Dead Redemption) and one of a pair of GTA 6 main characters.

Recall that in the past, observant players quickly identified the man from the debut trailer of the “five” like Ned Lukewho actually played Michael.

Meanwhile, Lucy’s voice is credited to Alexandra Echavarria (Alexandra C. Echavarri) or Sonalia Castillo (Sonali Castillo).