Breath of the Wild gamers are worryingly woozy to discover Chuchus can not swim

Breath of the Wild blue Chuchus
(Image credit scores: Nintendo)

A variety of Breath of the Wild gamers are finding that Chuchus can not swim also a bit, and also they’re worringly pleased to enjoy them endure a painful fatality by sinking.

Chuchus are a fairly safe adversary in Breath of theWild The jelly-like balls are simple and also unfussy to eliminate, and also they generate jellies that you can become potions or give the Great Fairy Fountain to update your shield. That’s why I promptly ended up being worried scrolling with the respond to this Reddit string, begun by a veteran gamer that had actually simply found you can sink Chuchus by tempting them right into a body of water and also allowing Hyrulian nature do the grunt work.

“Just discovered this funny little thing on my own! I love this game,” stated sneakestlink, captioning a video clip of a Chuchu defending its life and after that imploding under the water line.

just_discovered_this_funny_little_thing_on_my_own from r/botw

Instead of revealing scary at what is plainly a terrible criminal activity of enthusiasm, the Redditors responded with a gleeful joy. “Omg i had no idea thank you for posting!” said The BlooDred (opens up in brand-new tab) Some also directed and also poked fun at theChuchu “Lol. Nice,” said Brokenwrench7 (opens up in brand-new tab)

“So cool, now do it with a green one!” said SGVishome (opens up in brand-new tab)

Who pain y’ all, and also why was it a blue Chuchu? You understand you can eliminate them with a solitary strike of a tree branch, right? Treasure Octoroks, on the various other hand, I’d enjoy absolutely nothing greater than to hold each of them undersea up until the bubbles quit, however that’s an additional factor totally.

I need to keep in mind that a person blue Chuchu was hurt planned of this tale. For clinical confirmation, obviously. And no, I will not reveal you the video clip, Reddit.

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