Borderlands games reload with up to date artwork and options

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Borderlands GOTY Remastered. Also, I always knew Brick was a cop.

There ain’t no relaxation for the depraved, a video game as soon as informed me, and Gearbox Software actually have been busy. Today they launched remastered variations of Borderlands, Borderlands 2, and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, coming to PC as free updates. They’re all prettied-up a bit, whereas the primary game additionally now consists of all of the DLC in addition to options borrowed from later games within the looter-shooter collection. These updates are most likely extra for the good thing about the most recent consoles, jazzing ’em up for a contemporary viewers earlier than Borderlands 3 hits in September, however hey we profit too. Thanks, Ian Microsoft and Ian Sony!

The up to date ‘Borderlands Game Of The Year Enhanced’ version on Steam is prettied-up and, simply as importantly, fixed-up somewhat. It brings “quality of life” modifications together with an non-obligatory on-screen minimap, the flexibility to lock objects or mark them as junk, and auto-pickup for ammo, cash, and well being. It reworks the ultimate boss battle to be, Gearbox say, “more engaging, challenging, and rewarding.” It introduces totally different head choices to customize your character. Oh, and it provides the ‘Shift Key’ code system Gearbox use to present away free in-game goodies. That’s some helpful Borderlands 2-y stuff there.

Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel simply get the prettying-up. While Borderlands GOTY is an improve, these come as non-obligatory further downloads – accessible here and here.

The prettification course of for all these consists of, in line with Gearbox:

• Remastered 4K surroundings textures, together with geometry and skyboxes
• Remastered 4K characters and automobiles
• Remastered 4K weapon meshes and textures
• Improved Anti-Aliasing, together with improved edge line implementation
o This consists of improved ink line definition and framing/define round character fashions
• Higher Resolution Dynamic Shadows
o Improved high quality and smoothness of shadows, particularly throughout motion
•Improved Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
o An improved SSAO technique for extra life like ambient lighting

How versatile the time period “4K” is today.

That’s some good things totally free updates – the enhancements and bonuses for the primary game particularly.