Black Mesa X Intruder: The Winners

Greetings Scientists,

At long last, we are doing a final update on the Black Mesa X Intruder mapmaking competition now that the judging process is complete. Due to unforeseen scheduling issues, we have prepared a wrap up video showcasing the winning maps and honorable mentions instead of the planned developer livestream.

The Winners

First off, we wanted to thank all the participants of the mapmaking collaboration between Black Mesa and Intruder for all their excellent submissions. We were very impressed with the amount of work that our community members put in, and thoroughly enjoyed getting to try them all out. While it was very difficult to pick from all the entries we received, the following 3 were our favorites:

Third Place: Black Mesa South

In third place, we have BlackMesa South submitted by Xixo. A map that is true to form, we could clearly see inspiration drawn from both games with an authentic atmosphere and sneaky routes to steal the package. We very much enjoyed getting the opportunity to play this map, and want to congratulate Xixo on making the top-3.

Second Place: Foreseen Sequences

In the runner-up position, we have Foreseen Sequences submitted by DoubleOSpanky. With interactive environment features like keycards, deadly lasers, and collectible tapes this entry spices up gameplay with a well designed and extremely detailed experience. This was an excellent map, and we were very impressed with what we saw! Thank you for creating such an interesting and creative map for us to play.

First Place: Potential Energy

Finally, the winner of the Black Mesa X Intruder mapmaking competition is Potential Energy submitted by ActionMan! This entry truly pushed the limit of Intruder Map Maker with a campaign style mission that has custom objectives, multi-round objectives, and moving vehicles it almost seems like this could be its own game! While there were many strong candidates for top prize, ActionMan’s was a cut above the rest. This was a fantastic map, and we want to thoroughly congratulate them for getting 1st place!

Developer Wrap up Showcase Video

To celebrate the hard work of our competition winners, we are releasing a showcase video to wrap up the map creation contest. Tune in to get the teams’ thoughts on what they enjoyed about each map!

The final Black Mesa X Intruder wrap up video can be found

That’s everything that we have for you today. We enjoyed the opportunity to bring our two communities together, and are extremely impressed by all the maps that were entered. Thank you all for making this an amazing event. See you all later, scientists!

-The Crowbar Collective Team


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