Best Mordhau weapons: a whole tier record of medieval homicide instruments

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best mordhau weapons tier list

Want to know what the perfect Mordhau weapons are? If you’re new to sword battlers like Chivalry then claiming a kill on the multiplayer battlefields of Mordhau isn’t any imply feat. While you may have the ability to sneak up on an unsuspecting archer and membership them to dying with a maul with out an excessive amount of of a battle, you’ll seemingly end up dying time and time once more to skilled knights packing formidable weapons just like the zweihander, halberd, and conflict axe.

While there’s no substitute for uncooked talent in Mordhau, when you’ve mastered the fundamentals of battle you possibly can considerably up your game by ensuring to deliver the perfect Mordhau weapons together with you. There are extra melee weapons than most individuals may have time to grasp, so figuring out which instruments are price your time and gold will allow you to think about the essential stuff, like beheading hapless lute gamers.

Below we’ve laid out all the primary weapons within the game (sorry, Peasants) in a tier record. We’ve not tailor-made this record to inexperienced persons both, so chances are you’ll discover that a few of these Mordhau weapons are both level-locked, or difficult to get the dangle of.

Best Mordhau weapons


Incredibly versatile with lengthy attain and excessive injury. Exceptional towards teams.

Can kill with one blow to the pinnacle or two to the chest. Boasts respectable vary, can poke, and has a surprisingly swift assault pace.

This very lengthy sword marries excessive injury and lengthy attain. This is a good weapon for conservatively choosing off foes in bigger brawls.

An ideal all-round weapon: quick assaults, versatile moveset, respectable injury.

Throwing knives
Not to be neglected, throwing knives are very quick to prime and throw, deal stable injury to unarmoured enemies, and don’t value many construct factors. You could not need to make a soldier round this weapon, however it compliments quite a lot of enjoying kinds.

mordhau war axe


Very brief attain and poor poking injury, however in any other case a wonderful skullcrusher. If you apply your drags then this can be a very unpredictable weapon to come back up towards.

War axe
Similar shortcomings to the maul, however barely quicker.

Battle axe
The battle axe has longer vary than the conflict axe and the next turn-cap, however it’s not fairly as deadly.

As you’d anticipate, the attain on that is very good. However, it’s solely actually efficient as a poker, making it very straightforward to foretell and counter.

Another member of the greatsword household, the Messer will, er, mess your enemies up successfully, particularly should you can grasp your drags. However, it takes an terrible very long time to swing and its low stab injury limits your versatility.

Pole axe
Quick pokes with a protracted attain are a match made in heaven, however the injury is mediocre when in comparison with the greatsword.

mordhau zweihander


The fast pokes make this a well-liked Mordhau weapon amongst new gamers, however the lack of versatility will maintain you again whenever you come up towards skilled fighters.

Very quick assaults for a sword with medium attain and injury, permitting you to bully much less skilled gamers with ease.

Executioner’s Sword
Poor stabbing injury holds this sword again, however should you can land your sweeps then the excessive injury will down enemies fairly rapidly.

Fast assaults and a low value allow you to bully new gamers or defend your self in a pinch.

Not a lot totally different to the dagger besides you’ll discover you’re higher off swiping than stabbing.

You’ll by no means want greater than three stable hits to kill an enemy with the mace, however with mediocre assault pace and poor attain that received’t at all times be straightforward.

The billhook boasts some distinctive traits should you use its alt mode, which can pull enemies to you should you land a stab and push them away should you land a sweep. That may be difficult to counter in case your construct depends on distance and footwork, nevertheless, the low injury of this Mordhau weapon makes it powerful to actually capitalise on its utility.

Balanced, efficient, and nice for duels.

mordhau throwing knives


Throwing Axes
These deal respectable injury towards armoured enemies, however they take too lengthy to prime and throw, which makes them very predictable.

Short spear
This is a high-quality weapon with the correct Mordhau construct backing it up, particularly in massive battles the place you possibly can simply decide off foes with stabs. However, you received’t win many duels with the brief spear.

Interestingly, you should use this whereas charging with a horse, which is a few neat performance. Other than that the one different key energy of the estoc is its excessive poking injury.

Deals heap of injury per strike, however may be difficult to land towards skilled foes and lacks versatility.

An honest low-cost weapon to avoid wasting you in a pinch, however is just actually efficient with sweeping assaults.

Arming sword
Considering its low value, this can be a surprisingly efficient different to the longsword and may assault a lot quicker.

mordhau bardiche


Bastard sword
Just not that sturdy when in comparison with different swords.

Very low stab injury limits your versatility, and you may anticipate middling attain, injury, and assault pace throughout the board. The means to swap between a pointy and blunt aspect may be useful although.

Short sword
The dagger might need much less attain, however it strikes a lot quicker, which makes it the higher possibility.

Hopefully you’re now a bit of clearer on which Mordhau weapons are price your time. When it involves medieval fight there’s loads extra to think about than uncooked injury stats, it’s additionally all about having the flexibility to throw your foes off and sneak in a killing blow. Good luck out on the battlefields.