Battlefield, PayDay designer’s new recreation permits you to scuttle about on little monster claws and eat Vikings

An alternate historical past of the Vikings in which you’ll be able to chew their faces off. Nice.

You could recall former Battlefield and Payday designer David Goldfarb struck out for independence, founding a small Swedish team called The Outsiders to make an RPG.

I don’t know what kind of factor you had been imagining however it didn’t happen to me that this pitch may imply a first-person motion recreation during which you play some type of mythological beastie.

Called Project Wight, it’s an alternate historical past during which the world is host to the final remnants of a forgotten species; that explains the working title, then, since “wight” often means some type of supernatural being.

The video above provides us a have a look at the sport in motion, as considered by way of the eyes of two of those creatures – a juvenile and an grownup. How wonderful is the top bob digital camera whereas scurrying about on little creature claws? I’ll let you know: extraordinarily wonderful.

No phrase on launch date or any additional gameplay particulars surfaced right this moment, however allow us to hope the Outsiders really feel extra loquacious quickly. Earlier feedback about this undertaking recommend it is going to have a “dynamic story” and launch on PC first.

In the meantime, hungry for additional info, I’ve found that a piece of concept art on the Outsiders website depicts Gaunt and Piotr preventing in a cave. To me, “gaunt” appears like a sort of creature quite than a personality title.

Is this intel helpful? Probably not. But it has the illicit tang of being ripped from a filename, which I take pleasure in.