Austin Butler Shares His Special Bond with Lisa Marie Presley: ‘We Quickly Became Close’

Austin Butler Recalls His Deep Connection to Lisa Marie Presley: ‘We Got So Close So Fast’

In a current interview with Entertainment Tonight, star Austin Butler opened about his deep connection to Lisa Marie Presley. The 2 fulfilled while Butler was auditioning for the function of Elvis Presley in Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming biopic.

Butler stated that he and Presley “got so close so fast” which he felt an instant connection to her. He stated that she was “so open and so kind” which he seemed like he might talk with her about anything.

Butler likewise stated that he was “blown away” by the quantity of understanding Presley had about her dad. He stated that she had an “encyclopedic knowledge” which she had the ability to address any concern he had about Elvis.

Butler stated that Presley likewise shared stories about her youth with him. He stated that it was “incredible” to hear her discuss her life which it made him seem like he was “in the presence of a great spirit”.

Butler stated that he was “honored” to be able to get in touch with Presley which the experience was “really special”. He stated that he seemed like he was “in the presence of greatness” which he was “so grateful” for the chance.

Butler stated that he was “so proud” to be able to depict Elvis which he was “honored” to have the possibility to inform his story. He stated that he hopes the movie will “honor the legacy” of Elvis which it will be “something that people can look back on and be proud of”.

It’s clear that Butler and Presley have actually formed a strong connection which Butler is enthusiastic about honoring Elvis’ tradition. We’re sure the upcoming biopic will be an excellent success!

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